Business Management Enterprise (Stage 1)

The course helps students to develop practical skills as well as knowledge and understanding of business activity by focussing on innovation, initiative and entrepreneurship. The BME Course offered at John XXIII College has a Tourism focus and the content ranges from the many facets of business to opportunities and issues faced by national and international business. This course uses real businesses and scenarios to develop financial and business literacy, whilst at the same time enhancing interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.


There is no minimum entry requirement for this course.

Unit 1A BME

In this unit, the focus is on the role of business in Australia. Most people have had consumer experiences, whether it is using a mobile phone, watching TV or paying for and using other goods and services. Therefore, learning contexts are selected that tap into these interests and build upon this informal understanding. Different perspectives on the contribution of business to society are considered.

Unit 1B BME

In this unit, the focus is on contexts related to initiative and inspiration, which are the values of the dynamic and imaginative entrepreneur or business manager. Opportunities are provided to explore business start-ups and to recognise the factors that contribute to business success. Entrepreneurship and innovative thinking are introduced, generating ideas and proposals that may be suitable for business ventures. These proposals are then developed into a business plan.

How will this course help students in the future?

This course will give students the ability to make sound and ethical decisions based on knowledge and understanding. They will be well equipped to be proactive participants in the dynamic world of business, behaving responsibly and demonstrating integrity in business activities. This course would be suitable for students intending to study any aspect of Business or Management at University of TAFE.