Visual Arts

The Visual Art courses at John XXIII College strive to harbour creativity and expression in students of all year groups. The College participates in many Visual Art competitions and external exhibitions including The St George's Cathedral Art Awards, Black Swan Portraiture prize, Shaun Tan Art Awards, Angelico Exhibition and Year 12 Perspectives. The College also holds its own annual Art Exhibition, exhibiting works from across the various art subjects and year groups.

Visual Art Subjects Offered

A fun-filled, activity based Visual Art course is offered to all Primary school students.

Upon entering the Secondary school, all Year 7 students complete both a specialised Pottery and Visual Art course. The aim of our Year 7 Art courses is to provide an insight into the Art Department so that they are able to make an informed decision about their selection of subjects in Years 8 to 12.

The courses offered in secondary school include:

Year 8:



Year 9:

Visual Art


Craft Design

Year 10:

Visual Art


Applied Art

Year 11:

Visual Arts General and ATAR

Year 12:

Visual Arts Stage 3