Absentee Notice

Notifying the College of your child's absence through SEQTA

Parents can now notify the school of their child's absence directly through the SEQTA Engage App or SEQTA Engage Portal.

Access SEQTA Engage

Use either the SEQTA Engage App on your mobile device or the SEQTA Engage Portal on your computer to access SEQTA Engage.

Submitting Absence Notifications

  • Submit absences for current and future dates: You can now submit absence notifications for the current day or future dates. Note that past dates cannot be submitted, but same-day absences can be reported.
  • One child at a time: Absences must be logged individually for each child.
  • Part-day and multi-day absences: You can select part days or multiple days for an absence.
  • Mandatory Fields: All fields are mandatory except for the optional comments section.
  • Reason for Absence: Choose a reason from the provided list when submitting an absence notification.
  • Comments: There is an optional text box for any additional information you wish to provide. Please keep this brief.
  • Attachments: Currently, documents, images, or other files cannot be attached through the SEQTA Engage App or Portal.

This feature provides an additional, convenient method for submitting absence notifications.

Notifying the College of your child's absence through Online Form

Should you not wish to use the SEQTA Absentee notification option, please complete the online form below.

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