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Enrolment Policy

Mission Statement

Inspired by the Gospels, in the spirit of John XXIII, Mary Ward and Ignatius Loyola, we seek to be people of competence, conscience and compassion who are committed to God and the service of others.


"The Catholic school forms part of the saving mission of the Church, especially for education in faith... It is precisely in the Gospel of Christ, taking root in the minds and lives of the faithful, that the Catholic school finds its definition as it comes to terms with the cultural conditions of the times."

(The Catholic School, Rome 1977 n. 9)

Bishops' Mandate

  • Catholic schools are an important means through which the church proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ, or evangelises, in the world of today. They are privileged places of evangelisation.
  • Catholic schools contribute to the development of our young through education. They promote the formation of their students in Christian virtue and conscience.
  • Catholic school communities assist parents who wish to develop their children as Christian men and women. They support parishes with their responsibilities towards these parents. Catholic schools offer a genuine educational choice in our pluralistic society.

(Mandate of the Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia)


This policy is developed to ensure that the mission of John XXIII College is supported by and supports the enrolment of a diverse range of students wishing to be educated in the Catholic and Ignatian traditions.


  1. The enrolment policy is a public document and is available to those who request a copy.
  2. The policy will be reviewed every four years.
  3. All parents who are prepared to support the religious and educational ideals of John XXIII College are eligible to apply to enrol their children.
  4. Enrolment into the College is made on the assumption that the student will complete their education within the College.
  5. To assist the Principal in the enrolment process, the College Council has identified qualities that could identify the strength of the application:
    • Children of families who are involved in the broad mission of the Catholic Church.
    • Children of families who have demonstrated commitment to John XXIII College. This might be demonstrated by already having a child currently enrolled, or previously enrolled; by being a past student of John XXIII College, St Louis or Loreto Claremont; by being a member of the College staff.
    • Children of families who have supported the values of Catholic Education at a previous school. A Preferential relationship exists between John XXIII College and Holy Spirit, City Beach; St Thomas, Claremont and St John's, Scarborough.
    • Children of families who value the co-educational nature of John XXIII College as a unique community in which to enrol all their children through to completion of their studies.
  6. The College may take into account gender balance when considering applications for enrolment.
  7. Children from diverse backgrounds will be actively considered insofar as the College is able to adequately meet each student's needs.
  8. Enrolment is subject to interview and a satisfactory reference from a person able to validate the congruence of the College's mission with the applicant's family.
  9. All requests for enrolment will be made on the College enrolment form which forms part of this policy. Deliberate omissions from the enrolment form may render the enrolment invalid.
  10. Due regard will be paid to the date of application.
  11. Applications from overseas students will be considered only where there are vacancies and where family or responsible relatives or guardians are or will be resident in Perth.
  12. All enrolments will be at the Principal's discretion and are not subject to appeal.