Religious Education - Year 7

Course Description and Outline

In Year 7 students are introduced to the person of Jesus and beliefs and practices of the Catholic Church. Through a basic study of the Sacraments of Initiation, the Liturgical Seasons, Prayer, Christian Morality and Social Justice , students learn what it means to live the Christian life. They will also receive a brief introduction to the Church, the College's founders, the ethos of St John XXIII and Ignatian Spirituality. Students will be challenged to explore a variety of spiritual, moral and social issues through the following topics:


  • Living in Community - Introduction to Church, the ethos of John XXIII, Ignatian spirituality and foundation.
  • Learning about Jesus.
  • Lent/Easter - Imitating Jesus and Living Jesus in our Hearts
  • Celebrating the Eucharist
  • Sacraments lay the foundation of Christian Life.


  • God created people to be responsible
  • Jesus Modelled Human Ideals.
  • The Church is the Body of Christ - Confirmation, Pentecost,
  • The Spirit guides the Church - Church and Australian Church History.
  • Christians express their faith through the Church - Scripture and Tradition


  • People grow and develop to deeper expressions of love.
  • People are called to reflect God by respecting human life.
  • Through Jesus and Baptism, God gives people new life.
  • Reconciliation strengthens life
  • Participating in this new life is a call to Social Justice.


  • Living in God's Love.
  • The Gift of Prayer and loving action
  • Developing Charity.
  • Called to the Common Good - Advent/Christmas


This course is Skill-based with individual and group assessments. There are a variety of tasks to challenge the students as they strive to demonstrate their understanding of the Skills covered. Typed and hand-written reports, topic tests, research assignments, group projects and classroom discussions all contribute towards the overall assessment of students' progress.


An interim report on class work and behaviour will be issued towards the end of Term 1. The achievement for the unit will be reported as a College A - E grade. In addition, the student's approach to class work and behaviour will be reported via the usual key performance indicators.

Student Expectations - Homework

Students will be expected to complete some homework each week. This time should be spent consolidating material covered in class as well as any assigned tasks.