Year 12 Religion and Life

This course is offered at either Stage 1 or Stage 3 in Year 12. Students are also awarded a Grade at the completion of their chosen 1CD or 3AB course which contributes towards the attainment of a WACE Certificate of Graduation at the end of Year 11/12.

In Year 12 a significant difference to be noted is that there is no final exam to be completed in connection with the 1CD course which only contributes towards the attainment of a WACE Certificate of Graduation.

The Stage 3AB course, however, contributes towards the attainment of both the WACE certificate of Graduation and also may contribute to the ATAR, which is necessary for entry into University. Significantly, in 2010, 86% of the first group of John XXIII students to complete the Stage 3 WACE exam in Religion and Life had their result identified as one of their highest scores and consequently counted as part of their ATAR.

Topics covered are reflected below

Stage 1C

  • The Search for Meaning
  • Sharing in the Work of Jesus
  • Service and the Mission of the Church

Stage 1D

  • The Search for Freedom
  • Materialism, Secularism and Morality
  • Responsible Living in the Australian Context

Stage 3A

  • Religion in the 21st Century
  • Important Movements in History - Vatican II
  • Challenges of Contemporary issues

Stage 3B

  • Freedom Fighters
  • Questions of Freedom
  • Catholic Church and Nazi Germany