Maintain your ties with John XXIII College, Loreto & St. Louis and the friends you have made throughout your school years. The aims of the Association are to promote the welfare of the College and to enable former students and parents to keep in touch with one another.

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Participate with the Alumni and stay connected via the dedicated John XXIII College Online Alumni web site. Keeping in touch with the John XXIII College Alumni is a two way relationship which will enable you to enjoy friendship networks, find out about Old Collegians events and engage through social media.

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Alumni Calendar dates for 2020




All Years' Reunion Thursday 26 August 2021 Melbourne  
1 Year Reunion (Class 2020) Friday 10 September 2021 The Old Pickle Factory  
10 Year Reunion (Class 2010 & Class 2011) Saturday 30 October 2021 Claremont Hotel  
20 Year Reunion (Class 2000 & Class 2001) Saturday 30 October 2021 Wembley Hotel  
30 Year Reunion (Class 1990 & Class 1991) Saturday 30 October 2021 Claremont Yacht Club  
40 Year Reunion (Class 1980) tbc Cottesloe Golf Club  
40 Year Reunion (Class 1981) tbc    
50 Year Loreto Reunion (Class 1970) tbc    
50 Year St Louis Reunion (Class 1970) tbc    
50 Year Loreto Reunion (Class 1971) Friday 29 October 2021 UWA Club/Kings Park  
50 Year St Louis Reunion (Class 1971) tbc    
Golden Years St Louis/Loreto Reunion (Class 1969+) 2 or 3 December 2021 tbc Thomas More Exhibition Centre, John XXIII College  

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Alumni Development Officer Anna Gingell nee Muir (Class 1978) Telephone: (+61) 8 9383 0520 or 0437 207 089 or Email:

To Learn and to Serve A record of military service by Alumni of Loreto (WA), John XXIII College and St Louis School

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