Year 7 Transition Program

John XXIII College is committed to providing all Year 7 students with opportunities to achieve success and be supported in their transition from one stage of their schooling to the next.

The Students

The engagement and enjoyment of all students is fostered by developing a strong relationship with Homeroom teachers and this is reflected in the time the students spend in their Homerooms.

The Environment

The Year 7 area, the Julia de Sales Field Centre, is a purpose built area for students in their transition to secondary school year with the design features focused on the provision of effective pastoral care and an engaging academic curriculum for all students. The features include:

  • Homeroom for each of the six streams
  • Spaces for individual, paired and whole group teaching
  • Spaces within the rooms for independent and group learning
  • Integration of indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Rooms resourced with ICT resources

The Curriculum

The curriculum is comprehensive and the integrated learning encompasses more than the core curriculum. It includes the pastoral care, the faith development, the opportunity for students to develop relationships and connection; and to build knowledge of their world around them and to encourage all students to find their place in it.

The Year 7 program is designed to cater for a broad range of student abilities. Specialist staff and resources are available to students requiring differentiated curricular for extension purposes (the MAGIS program) or Learning Support in the mainstream (the Learning Enrichment Program).

Religious Education and foundation skills in Literacy and Numeracy continue to be a priority in Homerooms with the Humanities & Social Sciences (HASS) and Life Skills providing the students with authentic and deep learning experiences.

Specialist teachers provide the excellent teaching and learning experiences in Mathematics, Languages, Health and Physical Education and Science. The engaging and challenging timetable is complemented with the students having a term's experience with each of these options:

  • Food and Nutrition
  • Art
  • Pottery
  • Information Technology
  • Technology and Enterprise (Woodwork)
  • Electronics
  • Music
  • Drama

Life Skills

  • Computer Literacy
  • Organisation
  • Life Skills

The co-curricular activities engage our students in their interests and provide an opportunity for them to try new tasks and be part of the wider John XXIII College community.

  • Liturgy
  • House traditions, celebrations, events
  • Sporting activities including Swimming, Cross-Country, Field Events, and NAS Inter-School Summer and Winter Sports
  • Music including Solo, Bands, Choir, Ensembles
  • Debating and Public Speaking
  • Social Justice groups - House Social Justice projects, Young Vinnies
  • Year 7 Camp at Woodman Point
  • Drama, Theatre Sports and lighting technicians

The keys to our learning are the experiences that are:

  • Authentic,
  • Rigorous,
  • Successful,
  • Challenging,
  • Exploratory, and
  • Meaningful.