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THIS WEEKEND'S GOSPEL: Dedication of the Lateran Basilica

"…in the spirit of today's Gospel … the Church is not defined by bricks and mortar … the glorified Body of Christ is made of people who live out his saving love in the world today."

The above quote and the following reflection are extracted from Fr Richard Leonard's homily on this Sunday's gospel and is printed here, with kind permission. Fr Richard Leonard SJ is the author of Preaching to the Converted, Paulist Press, New York, 2006

The Cathedral of Rome is the Church of St John Lateran* and here we find the Bishop of Rome's Cathedral. Dedicated, or made holy, to Christ our Saviour in the fourth century, it is here the Pope comes on various liturgical occasions during the year, and when he wants to speak especially to the people of Rome, to the members of his own local church.

On any given day in the life of the Church there are probably several local churches observing the anniversary of the dedication of the Cathedral in their diocese. The Dedication of the St John Lateran Basilica is a universal feast because it reminds us of our local Bishop's communion with the Bishop of Rome. This is what makes us Roman Catholic.

Sadly today sometimes we find people who think that they can choose between their local Bishop and the Pope. This is many things, but it's not Roman Catholic. Whatever personal devotion we might have for a particular Pope, our loyal affections toward him are of no consequence in terms of being in communion with him. How we establish our communion with the Pope is through our communion with the local Bishop, who celebrates the same Eucharist as, and with, the Bishop of Rome.

This is why the Second Vatican Council, while clear about the essential governing, teaching and legislating roles the Pope has in the Church, was careful to recover more ancient thinking about the Pope's leadership. They showed that governing, teaching and legislating always have a context. They taught that the Pope exercises his leadership as first among the Bishops, as the Universal Pastor, the sign of our unity and as the one charged to teach, guard and defend the faith of the whole Church through the way he confirms his brother Bishops in the similar tasks they have in their respective local churches. Even the root of the word 'obedience' means, 'to listen carefully'.

So on this feast we celebrate our unity amidst our diversity, as we focus on the Mother Church of all Roman Catholic Churches. May we gain from it a recommitment to our local Bishop, who is also a successor of the Apostles, and to respond to the present Pope's call to help him imagine ways in which his office of service can be a greater sign of Christian unity for the world in the future.

*Not, as commonly thought, St Peter's.


Take the opportunity on these brighter, warmer mornings to share in the blessing of our Community Mass on Friday mornings. Everyone is welcome: regulars and newcomers, Catholics or not, families, teachers, students. Friday, 21st November our celebration will be led by Year 9 students, and families of Year 9 students are particularly welcome.

Time - 8:00am start; 8:30 finish.

Venue - Chapel

When - every Friday in term time.

The month of November is the time when our Church traditionally honours and prays for our deceased loved ones. A 'Book of the Dead' set up in the College Chapel and families are invited to write the names of their loved ones who have died - and we will particularly remember them at our Masses during November. The Chapel is open every day - arrive a few minutes before pick-up and spend a few minutes' quiet time.