Dear Parents

On Thursday evening the College hosted our Annual Presentation Night. It was a beautiful celebration and a finishing chapter of the school year. It was my great pleasure to announce the Primary Award Recipients for 2016.

Congratulations to our prize winners.

Year 5 Outstanding Student
James Mitchell


Year 6 Outstanding Student
Helena Phillips


Year 6 Religious Education
Siena Ciganek


Year 6 English
Kirsten McCormick


Year 6 Health & Physical Education
Luca Matthews
Helena Phillips


Year 6 Humanities & Social Sciences
James Green


Year 6 Languages - Japanes
Zachary Skerratt


Year 6 Mathematics
Stella Morgan


Year 6 Performing Arts
Jenna Martin

Year 6 Science
Holly Martin


Year 6 Service
Chloe Rodrigo


Year 6 Technology & Enterprise
Natalie Ong


Year 6 Visual Arts
Dominic Korn


Year 6 Simon Casey Award
Kai Jahn

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This time of the year brings opportunities to celebrate endings, as well as the anticipation of new beginnings and all the possibilities they provide. Our Orientation sessions are a good example of new beginnings.

There was a happy buzz in each classroom as the children spent some time with their teacher for 2017 and with the students who will be in their class for the new year. There was also a buzz in the 'Circle of Friends' Café as new parents chatted and found out more about what to expect in the school year ahead.

Meeting new and different people is a part of life and it is our role as parents and teachers to support children through change rather than protecting them from it. I ask that all parents to trust that the class your child is going into next year is one in which they will thrive. Parents can feel confident that their children will always be in good hands and receive an excellent education at John XXIII. Final class lists will be available to parents next week.

The Year 6 students are certainly going to enjoy their final week of Primary school. On Tuesday their celebrations begin with a 'Big Day-In'. The students and their families will attend a Graduation Mass, followed by morning tea. After the morning formalities, the graduates will share lunch by the College pool and then participate in fun and fitness activities in the pool! On Thursday the Year 6's will enjoy a 'Big Day Out' playing mini golf and enjoying a picnic together.

I look forward to seeing many parents at our EduDance Showcases next week.

Kind regards

Antoinette De Pinto
Head of Primary

Semester Two Reports

The Semester Two Reports will be sent home via SEQTA on Friday 9 December (not 2 December). Parents are welcome to discuss any concerns or queries about the report with the class teacher the following week.

Staffing 2017

Next year Mrs Kounis and Mrs Distante will be taking a year's leave.

We also farewell Mrs Ferguson-Allen and thank her for sharing her love of the Arts with the Years 4-6 students this year.

Miss Claire Dernie will be joining our team as our new Year Five teacher.


Pre-Kindy                                 Mrs Cayley King
KGB                                         Mrs Cath De Campe
KGG                                         Mrs Claire Peirce
PPB                                          Miss Chiara Di Biaggio
PPG                                          Mrs Alison Dillon
Year 1B                                    Ms Karin Ilich
Year 1G                                   Miss Jessica Saraco
Year 2B                                    Miss Lisa Monastra
Year 2G                                   Ms Jacqui Cooney
Year 3B                                    Mr Dustin Fromm
Year 3G                                   Ms Kylie Allen/Miss Jodi Joyce
Year 4B                                    Miss Lauren Nish
Year 4G                                   Ms Jacqui O'Connor
Year 5B                                    Miss Claire Dernie
Year 5G                                   Miss Talea Graves
Year 6B                                    Mrs Teresa Fontaine
Year 6G                                   Mrs Sonja Goss

Around the Primary


This term in ICT some of the Primary classes have been introduced to the language of "Coding," a set of instructions or an algorithm to make something do what you instruct. The students have enjoyed completing tasks on the website. They have also discovered that coding takes a lot of persistence and team work.

The Year Two classes were also fortunate to have a visit from Mr Kevin Hewitt 'techpreneur,' (Tate Hewitt's dad). He talked to the students about robots and how they work and bought a little robot named 'Kimono' along too. Mr Hewitt asked the students to write instructions or code Kimono to move around a track and to sing a sweet song. The Year Two classes had a great time!

Tara Purcell
ICT Specialist

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Year 5 Visit UWA

We went on an amazing excursion to UWA and visited the Chemistry Building where there were many different labs. The first lab we went in had some very powerful magnetic machines that could wipe your phone or credit card on contact. We also went into the Geology Building where we learnt about rocks and minerals. We got to test the hardness of rocks using 'Moh's Hardness Scale'. It was one of my favourite excursions for the year!

Joshua Johnson (5B)

On 29 November 2016, both Year 5 classes visited the University of Western Australia.

When we arrived at the University, we were met by Siobhan Wills, who has been kindly helping us in our Science lessons this term. Miss Wills gave us a tour of the Chemistry Building. There was a large room that had three magnets; one small, one medium and one large. We heard a story about how a man who left his watch on when he went into this room and it broke. He was working under the biggest magnet when the hands on his watch kept ticking but the hands stayed in the same place because of the magnetic field.

We learnt that muscovite is used for insulation and was used by people in Russia to keep warm and protect them from the freezing weather. We also discovered that water is actually a mineral because ice is a mineral. We got to use a small carving knife to help determine the softness or hardness of minerals. Everyone had a great time on this fabulous excursion!

Charlie Hodge (5G)

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Year 6 T20 Big Bash Cricket Carnival

On Thursday 24 November some Year 6 Boys and Girls participated in the T20 Big Bash Cricket Carnival at Melvista Oval, Nedlands. There were teams from Loreto, Carmel, Sacred Heart and Jolimont Primary School. On this very hot day, the boys and girls played three rounds each and they all participated very well. It was the first time we had a girls' team and they were terrific, winning two of their three games. Our boys also had a fabulous day of cricket by hitting a large number of boundaries, especially sixes. Many of the students held great catches, took many wickets and caused sensational run-outs from their enthusiastic fielding.

Our players were highly competitive against all teams. Overall, it was a fantastic day for our players and I am sure they felt like they were a Perth Scorcher's player, playing in the Big Bash League!

John Alderman Primary
Sports Coordinator

Kindy Corner

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From Little Things, Big Things Grow

Jennalee Briede (PPG) received her olive tree sapling at the beginning of Kindy 2015. They have both been nurtured by lots of love and grown beautifully!