Do you have a child in Year 2, 3 or 5?

Now is the time begin the conversation about Sacrament preparation.

Children in Years 3, 4 and 6 prepare to celebrate, respectively, the sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation in their own 'home' parish. As the College Sacrament Program, is 'Family-focused, Parish-based and Catholic School supported' (aligned with the Archdiocese), parents enrol their children in parish Sacrament programs. The school Religious Education program in those classes covers the required content.


Our Lady of Grace, North Beach

Sacrament enrolment day: Monday 6 February, 4:00pm.

More detailed information is available on the College website here.

Further Information?

ADVENT IN PARISHESroad-to-bethlehem.jpg

During the season of Advent and the Season of Christmas, parishes will celebrate liturgies of the season and have other special events.

Events and times of liturgies from some of our local parishes will be published in the newsletter.

Additional information can be accessed from the archdiocesan website.

St Thomas Apostle parish in Claremont will hold their annual Road to Bethlehem service of carols and readings on Thursday 8 December at 7:00pm.

The service includes community carols and all are welcome!

GOOD NEWS for the Second Sunday in Advent

"Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is close at hand."(Matthew 3:1-12)

The reflection for this Sunday's Gospel is part of a homily by Rev. Prof. Michael Tate. Fr Michael Tate is currently a Parish Priest in the Archdiocese of Hobart and is Catholic Chaplain to the University of Tasmania where he is an Honorary Professor of Law, lecturing in International Humanitarian Law.  

"In due course John the Baptist appeared; he preached in the wilderness of Judaea and this was his message: 'Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is close at hand.' This was the man the prophet Isaiah spoke of when he said:
'A voice cries in the wilderness:
Prepare a way for the Lord,
make his paths straight.'
I baptise you in water for repentance, but the one who follows me is more powerful than I am, and I am not fit to carry his sandals; he will baptise you with the Holy Spirit and fire."
(Matthew 3:1-3, 11)


John proclaimed that the reign of God was 'at hand' as he immersed and plunged followers into the waters of the Jordan River. (His nickname was John the Immerser, or 'baptiser' in the Greek.) He used flowing water to symbolise the washing away of the past for those who repented so that they could be totally focused on the 'at hand' person who would inaugurate God's kingdom.

In this passage, John does not identify the 'Someone'! But he realised that this 'Someone' would have divine power to affect the future by immersing, baptising, his followers with the Holy Spirit and with fire…

At this stage of Advent, we should be like John's disciples, filled with a sense of anticipation, looking forward to the coming towards us ('Advent' in Latin) of the One who can flood our minds and bodies with the Holy Spirit and can immerse our hearts in Divine Fire.

We could pause for a moment to thank God that, even though we are unworthy to carry His sandals, there is One who is coming towards us wanting to transform us with Divine Power.

©Fr Michael Tate


This morning the College community celebrated our last Mass for 2016 - thank you to our presider, Father Emmanuel-tv, Parish Priest at Holy Spirit, City Beach.

A special thank you to our Chapel Choir as well as their music director, Mr James Kros, and accompanist, Mr Peter Johnston, for leading us in singing each week. Liturgical singing "adds delight to prayer, fosters unity" and brings richness to the ritual actions.[1] Hymn lyrics that echo the liturgy or the scriptures can nourish us throughout the day - so we are grateful to our musical team for enlivening and enriching our liturgy, and our life! Thank you to Mr Kros, Mr Johnston and members of the Chapel Choir - and their parents! It is a huge commitment each week, and a blessing to our community.

Next Friday the whole College will gather for a Mass at 9:15am, so there will NOT be a Community Mass that day. Father Wilson will preside in what will be his last Mass with the students. With great sadness, Father Wilson has decided that, in order to fully serve the needs of his parish, he will no longer continue his ministry at the College. (Father Wilson is Parish Priest at St Kieran's, Osborne Park). Our Community Mass has been enriched Fr Wilson's joy and energy and his love for celebrating the Eucharist. Each week his (necessarily) brief homily has been a little gem. Thank you, Father Wilson!

Community Mass will resume in February. Everyone always welcome to the Mass and, afterwards, to continue the celebration in the café.

[1] Sacrosanctum Concilium, 1963, 112.

If you have any queries about Community Mass please contact Mary-Anne Lumley: or 9383 0513.

Whole College Mass next week

Date: Friday 9 December

Time: 9:15 am

Where: St Louis Sports Centre

All welcome!