Around the Primary

Dear Parents

The staff are busily preparing Semester Two reports, the PP-2 students are gearing up for the long awaited swimming lessons, our Year 6 students are preparing for their Primary school graduation and the school holidays are only three weeks away! It is amazing how quickly the term passes and as we reflect on the past weeks we can be very pleased with the achievements and efforts of the children.

The students from Year 4B turned into convicts this morning and are to be commended for their informative and well presented assembly item.

Well done Ms Nish and Year 4's for all your hard work.


We recognise that parents are a very important link between home and school and we greatly value and appreciate the support the parent community have provided the staff and students at John XXIII. Last night we hosted a 'thank you evening' for all who have volunteered in any this year. Special thanks to Nancy Petsos for her generous commitment of time and energy as Primary Convenor over the last two years.


Once again this term we would like to offer swimming training for children in Years 3 - 6. The lessons will be run by two UniSwim instructors and they will commence from next Monday 21 November. The training sessions will then occur every Monday and Wednesday afternoon until Wednesday 7 December from 3:30 - 4:30pm. The swimming training is offered to any Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 child who is a competent swimmer and would like specific instruction for extra speed, improved technique and endurance. We hope to see many many children participating in this training.

Finally, as you are aware our EduShowcases are on Monday 5 December ('B' classes) and Wednesday 7 December ('G' classes) from 2:00pm in the gym. We look forward to seeing many parents as this is a great opportunity for you to see the fantastic dance moves the children have been learning during their dance sessions.

Kind regards

Antoinette De Pinto
Head of Primary

Congratulations to all our Merit Certificate recipients.

PPB Matteo Desiati Matilda Martin Felix McGinty Emilia Rear

PPG Lewis Soares Layla Travis Mia Conway Riordan Patterson

1B Benjamin Arundell India Bester Alice Edmondson


1G Sade Hewes Charlie Lennon Amelia Watson

2B Genevieve Ford Kate Wagner Oliver Wever Taj Dorrington

2G Lucy Morgan Raphael Budimlich Matthew Mignacca Elijah Zuvela


3B Matilda O'Connell Sancia Annan Tahlia Burgess Oliver Defrancesco Jennifer Ong Archie Ryan

3G Luke Beament Harrison Cabassi Joshua Engelbrecht Madison Pruiti Daisy Fethers Liam Pietrzak

4B Riel Abrio Olivia Psaila-Savona

5B Patrick Eastwood Nathan Flack Zac Pruiti

5G Ava Edgley Luke Seery Lux Quinlan

6B Anna Peachey Herkules Kakulas Fletcher O'Connell

6G John Exten Hayden Bishop

Hyogo Cultural Centre

On Tuesday this week, the Year 3 classes visited the Hyogo Cultural Centre in City Beach. This excursion coincided with the Shichi-Go-San (7-5-3) Festival. On this day in Japan, boys and girls who are 3 years, boys who are 5 years and girls who are 7 years, all dress up in kimono (girls) or haori jackets and hakama pants (boys). They also visit the shrines and pray for their good health. They receive chitose ame (long life candy) which comes in decorated bags.

The Year 3 students were able to do activities associated with the festival; calligraphy writing of the numbers 7-5-3 in Japanese, decorating their own chitose ame bag and also started a chigirie picture. This is a traditional style artwork which uses small pieces of special paper stuck onto the picture.

The day finished with the Year 3's enjoying their obentoo for lunch. It was great to see so many students using chopsticks and using the language that they have learnt in class and really getting into the spirit of everything Japanese.

Sensei Rowson


Year 5 Parliament House Excursion

This week our Year 5 classes visited Parliament House and the Constitution Centre as part of their HASS studies and in preparation for their trip Canberra in 2017. They participated in various activities at the Constitution Centre to learn about the three levels of Government. The students were given a guided tour of Parliament House where they were informed about our state's history and also viewed members of Parliament in action in both the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council. Our Year 5's represented the College well with their beautiful manners, particularly when meeting some members of Parliament. Special thanks to all the parents who kindly assisted on the day.


Out and About

The Pre-Primary children enjoyed an exciting day out and about exploring our local community. They began their tour spotting local places such as the dentist, post office, shops, hospital and vet and also different landmarks.

Their journey continued along the beautiful coast to Fremantle and they learned about how the ocean meets the river. The children and teachers were treated to a delicious fish and chips lunch at Kailis Restaurant in Fremantle. Miss De Pinto even joined the group for lunch!

After lunch the adventure continued to Lyall park in Mosman Park where they enjoyed a 'birds-eye' view of the ocean, the river and the city. They were very excited to see a pod of dolphins too!

It was such a great day and the children learnt so much about their wonderful community.

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