Do you have a child in Year 2, 3 or 5?

Now is the time to think about Sacrament preparation.

Children in Years 3, 4 and 6 prepare to celebrate, respectively, the sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation in their own 'home' parish. As the College Sacrament Program, is 'Family-focused, Parish-based and Catholic School supported' (aligned with the Archdiocese), parents enrol their children in parish Sacrament programs. The school Religious Education program in those classes covers the required content.

Local Parishes

Some parishes, located near the College, have supplied calendar details for their Sacrament Programs. This information can be accessed via the link to the College website.

Updates from local parishes are noted below:

Holy Spirit, City Beach
- Sacrament enrolment day: Thursday 24 November 4pm - 5pm.

Our Lady of Grace, North Beach
- Sacrament enrolment day: Monday 6 February 4pm.

Further Information?

'GOOD NEWS' for the Feast of Christ the King

"Lord remember me when you come into your kingdom." (Luke 23:35-43)liturgy-181116-01.jpg

The following is part of a reflection for this Sunday's Gospel by Fr David Barry OSB, and is reprinted, with kind permission, from School of Philosophy & Theology, University of Notre Dame, Pastoral Liturgy, Volume 46, 3. A member of the Benedictine Community at the New Norcia Monastery, Fr David Barry is a distinguished scholar and liturgist.

Monarchist, republican, swinging voter. The editors and publishers of certain types of magazine provide their readers with a regular supply of fresh or reworked material about the monarchy. The average Australian congregation has its share of staunch monarchists and keen republicans, as well as some who are indifferent as to how we come to have a Head of State.

[This Sunday's Gospel looks to] a king and a kingdom that are not of this world. Our holy inspired books use the language of monarchy when talking about the rulers of Israel, from the time of the first king, Saul, in the eleventh-tenth century before Christ, till the collapse of the monarchy with the Babylonian siege and capture of Jerusalem and the exile to Babylon…

With few exceptions the kings were not very good, to put it mildly, and did not give a good example of noble behaviour to the people. One of the few bright figures in that mainly dismal history was David, and we hear in our first reading one of the several accounts of how he became king of Israel. Some were filled with hope when David was anointed king, having been chosen by Samuel some years earlier and anointed king to replace Saul….

One of the most telling presentations of Jesus as king is the one provided by the gospel according to Luke. The title 'King of the Jews' comes up during Jesus' trial. It is the inscription that was soon afterwards placed over his head on the cross. It is one of the titles, along with the 'Christ of God,' and 'the Chosen One' that the Jewish religious leaders, the pagan soldiers and the hardened, unrepentant criminal used when they were taunting and mocking the crucified Lord.

[In the scene painted by Luke the] people stood there watching… What did they witness as they watched? What do we witness as we watch? Cruel mockery, insults, taunts, abuse, then a change of heart in a condemned and crucified thief, and his heartfelt prayer: "Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom", and Jesus' powerful words of forgiveness conveyed in a promise: "Indeed, I promise you, today you will be with me in paradise". The forgiveness and the promise are valid for all time for all who acknowledge their need and are open to Jesus' message….

© David Barry OSB


November is the month in which our Church especially remembers our "loved ones who have gone before us". At our Community Liturgy each Friday we will especially pray in hope for our loved ones who have died. You are invited to write their names in the Book of Remembrance, which is located in the Chapel. Feel free to come in at any time when the Chapel is open - for example, after 'drop off' or before 'pick-up'.

There are two remaining Community Liturgies for this year - and all students, staff, parents and friends are always welcome. Afterwards, join us for coffee in the Café.

On the last day of term, Friday 9 December there will be a whole College Mass at 9:15am, so there will NOT be a Community Mass that day.

If you have any queries about Community Mass please contact Mary-Anne Lumley: or 9383 0513.

When: Fridays in Term Time
Time: 8:00-8:30am
Where: College Chapel