Around the Primary

Dear Parents,

With only seven weeks to go we have an amazingly busy term ahead of us, however; we are incredibly fortunate that we can offer a variety of opportunities to the Primary children. This week the Visual Arts Exhibition opened in the Exhibition Centre. This was an amazing showcase of works from our Secondary students and Primary students too. Some of the Junior Primary children have been to have a look at the exhibition. After great discussion about how to behave in an exhibition and how you look with your eyes only, the discussion was also about what to do with your hands, as often the children are so enthusiastic to embrace the art works they are still at the stage where they want to touch. Mrs Blaauw, our Primary Art teacher visited the exhibition with our Year 4 students and they were so interested and thoughtful about the amazing works on display, asking some insightful questions and making some very thoughtful comments. The opportunity to see so many extraordinary works by 'the big kids' has been a real privilege. Many of those 'big kids' have come through the Primary school and started where all the children have started by being exposed to different media, encouraged to create and taught skills in the various media they used. A big thank you to Mrs Blaauw for all her hard work. Parents are very welcome to visit the exhibition over the weekend with their children to help and encourage them to develop an appreciation of the arts.


The PP-6 students have commenced their term of EduDance lessons, led by Dayna Osborne and Tina Bella Dona who are fully trained and qualified dance specialists. I am always amazed by the sheer talent of what our students can learn in such a short space of time. Make sure you add in our end of year EduDance Showcases (Monday 5 December at 2pm for 'B' classes and Wednesday 7 December at 2pm for 'G' classes) to your calendars because they are sure to be very special and entertaining events!

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Future Scientists

Some of our Year 5 and 6 students competed in the Science Challenge Day at Scitech. The challenges included coding, an astronomy quiz, an engineering challenge and a questionnaire based on mathematics. Our students had an amazing day filled with critical and creative thinking and problem solving activities. Mrs Magee, our Gifted and Talented teacher was very proud of their excellent teamwork too. Congratulations to the students for being such wonderful ambassadors for the College. As a bonus, while competing against the 47 other Primary school teams one of our teams came 3rd overall - a fantastic result!

Well done to:

Quinn Binet (5G)
Conor McCormick (5B)
Liam Stewart (5B)
Kirsten McCormick (6B)
Zachary Skerratt (6B)
Lachlan Richardson (5G)
Amerie Chai (5B)
Stella Morgan (6B)
Holly Martin (6G)
Genevieve Ferguson-Allen (6G)
Helena Phillips (6B)
Tiffany Cesare (5G)

This week Siobhan Wills from UWA engaged our Year 5 students in their first Chemistry lesson. Siobhan is conducting a seven week program on the topic, 'states of matter'. Yesterday the students worked in groups to identify a range of material samples ( cotton wool, honey, putty, peppermint essence ...) and then categorise these samples as a solid, liquid or gas. Our Year 5's thoroughly enjoyed engaging in this inquiry activity. Special thanks to Mrs Purcell (our ICT specialist) for organising this wonderful opportunity for our students.

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I look forward to seeing many parents and grandparents at the Junior Primary Sports Carnival on Thursday morning.

Kind regards,

Antoinette De Pinto
Head of Primary



VacSwim 2016-17

Summer will soon be here - enrol now for swimming lessons.

Enrolments for December/January lessons are now open. It is important for every child to learn to swim and develop essential water safety skills. VacSwim's school holiday swimming lessons are conducted by qualified instructors who teach children the skills to be confident swimmers and safe in the water. Children 14 years or older are encouraged to enrol for the higher level lessons and the Bronze Medallion.

For further information and online enrolment visit