Year 8 News

Year 8 Service Learning

In 2012 all Year 8 students have undertaken the Service Learning Program, 'My Place in My Home'. This program requires students to complete a minimum of 10 hours of home based activities. These activities should be service to others that students would not normally do. Students were introduced to the program at the start of the year and have been continually reminded and encouraged throughout the past two and a half terms.

The College requires that all students hand in their Service Learning booklets by Friday, 7 September 2012, at the end of week 7. The collection of booklets will be coordinated through the Library. Students need to place their Service Learning booklets into the 'Assignment Drop Box' in the Library.

Year 8 Social Evening

On Tuesday, September 11 students in Year 8 at John XXIII College will have the opportunity to attend a social evening in the Roncalli Hall. The social will be between, 6.30pm and 9.00pm. The theme for the social is "At the Movies".

100% Positive Comments on First Semester Reports


Maddison Allerding
Shannon Coker
Mallory Comyn
Mia Hall
Charlotte Huston
Peta Kennare
Lily Kenny
Olivia Lomma
Joshua McEvoy
Kiana Malkin
Xanthe Muir
Annie O'Halloran
Taleah O'Rourke
Constance Reynolds
Chelsea Roberts
Benjamin Turner


Claudia D'Souza
Sheridan Graham
Marie Hauck
Connor Jenkins
Claire Knight
Jessica Mitchell
Daniela Mwipatayi
William Riethmuller
Hayley Ryan
Maddi Taylor
Rochelle Vissers


Maddy Gentle
Gabriella Gray
Conor Levy
Aoife Roberts
Alisha Rodrigo
Ellie Sinclair
Grace Viljoen


Lauren Corless
Isabella Cowie
Mia Fontaine
Jonathan Mallal
Sophie Minissale
Serena Percudani
Beatrice Tay
Holly Whitehouse

St. Louis

Hannah Drabble
Therese Guerrera
Guneet Kaur
Natasha McGrath
Rebecca Power


Reid Bevan
Chloe Burns
Carlotta Carotenuto
Evelyn Collier
Isabella Gegoff
Caitlin Hackett
Alexandra Jones
Breandan Kirwan
Alexandra Kounis
Mahala Longley
Harry Newton

Dirk Gleghorn
Dean of Year Eight