From the Dean of Year Twelve

As we near the end of the year for Year 12 students, it is important to be mindful of the beauty within. All of us are endeavouring to reach our human potential, and it is a lifelong journey. Just as a sculptor does not rush the creation of a masterpiece - so a child's journey into adulthood cannot be rushed. In sharing your family's baby photos with me over the past week you have reminded me of the small child whom you have nurtured and loved for the past 17 years. These amazing Year 12 students I have had the privilege of sharing the year with each have an inner beauty that is far more than the sum of their grades, or the calculation of their ATAR. As I am given to saying to students individually and en masse "you are not your ATAR". So, hug your Year 12 sons and daughters often and let them know how much you love them and accept them for who they are.

Dates and Details

Information about Year Twelve's final school week (15-19th October), the Day of Invitation (19th October) and the Valete Ceremony (Saturday 28th October) will now not be issued until next week. Details are still being finalised. It is worth noting that all students have already been measured for blazers to wear to the Valete Ceremony at the College uniform shop (which are to be hired unless already owned), and boys are expected to wear long trousers, and the girls - tights, not socks.

Driving to School

Could I ask that parents of Year Twelve students who drive to school make your expectations clear regarding passengers, parking and safe driving in a school zone? There have been a few instances recently of complaint with regard to students with 3 passengers, and student cars driving away from the school in an unsafe manner. There is no on-campus parking available this year, and students are arriving and leaving from areas around the College neighbourhood. Please ensure that any passengers of your son or daughter have their parents' permission to be in the car.

Sarah Hammond
Dean of Year Twelve