Around the Primary

Thank you, friend Jesus, for my father who loves me, for my grandfather who cares for me,

and for God, your father and mine, who made me and is always with me.

Dear Parents

Congratulations to all the students from Years 3-6 who participated in the IPSHA Cross-Country carnival in Bunbury on Thursday. A big thank you to Mr Alderman for his work in preparing the students for this sporting event. I would also like to thank Mrs Fontaine and Mr Casey who also assisted on the day and to all the parents who cheered on our runners at Bunbury Grammar. Congratulations to the whole team who performed so well and represented our College with pride and enthusiasm. More information will follow next week.

This morning we celebrated Mass dedicated to all our Dads. This liturgy was beautifully prepared by Miss Beros and Year 2G. It was the perfect opportunity for our school community to thank God for the gift of our fathers and also for the children to be reminded to be thankful for all their parents do for them. It was wonderful to see all the children participating so fully in the liturgy and behaving so reverently. This was followed by special visits by Dads to classrooms and morning tea. Thank you to the many Dads who joined us today to make this a very special occasion. I'm sure you will also cherish the lovely cards and gifts that your children enjoyed making just for you!

John XXIII is a great community and it is hoped that all families will support the following events:

  • Year 3 Musical 'The Peace Star' on Tuesday 4th September at 7pm
  • Year 1 Assembly on Friday on 7th September at 9am
  • Year 4 First Holy Communion on Sunday 16th September at 1.30am
  • Primary Open Night on Monday 17th September from 5-7pm

Please mark these special events on your family's calendar.

Kind regards

Antoinette De Pinto
Head of Primary