St George's Art Exhibition 2015

Congratulations to Arabelle O'Rourke (Y12LY) who won the People's Choice Award at the St George's Art Exhibition last week. Arabelle received a $150 cash prize for her popular oil painting 'Aqua Profunda' which depicts her younger brother submerged under water amidst a sea of bubbles. "The artwork presents my brother immersed in our pool, absorbed in the moment. A decision must be made; rise to the surface and enter a new stage of life, or keep holding your breath, waiting, delaying change as long as possible."

arabelle-orourke.jpg arabelle-orourke-at-exhibition.jpg

Year 12 Stage 3 Visual Arts students Holly Thong and Ella Burnage also had their outstanding artworks on display.

Holly's oil painting Mary Ray depicts a young indigenous girl that she met on her Pilgrimage to Alice Springs in 2014. "I feel as though my painting touches on the notion that despite culture, gender, class or race, happiness and faith transcends all and unites us within society."

holly-thong.jpg holly-thong-at-exhibition.jpg

Ella's oil painting Wistful contemplates what the future has in stall for our younger generations. "The contributing issues of pollution, climate change, overfishing and toxic agricultural runoff are ruining our beautiful natural environment."

ella-burnage.jpg ella-burnage-at-exhibition.jpg

Congratulations to all three girls for having their artworks selected for exhibition.