Year 7 Transition

Three Way Interviews:

All Year 7 students are now using their Life Skills periods to prepare for one of our key events on the calendar, the Three Way Interviews. The students will lead these interviews and will be looking to show you the key developments in their learning as well as share the goals they have set for their second semester.

Interview schedules have been emailed to parents and a quick return will be appreciated so the Homeroom interviews schedules can be confirmed. If you have not received this emailed schedule please make contact with your Homeroom teacher for more information.

Service Learning:

Students are sharing, with their peers, wonderful stories of their Service Learning. A gentle reminder is to assist our young people to demonstrate their Service to their families and the wider community.

Completed Christian Service Learning booklets are due to be handed to House Coordinators by Friday, 7 June.


Last week a small group of our students had the opportunity to work with an author-in-residence, Julie Lawrinson.

After the event Aoife wrote:

On the 25th of May, a few lucky Year Seven's were chosen to attend an author in residence activity. We were lucky enough to meet Julie Lawrinson, an author who mainly writes for young adults. She has written many books including Blondes Don't Have All the Fun, Obsession and for younger readers, numerous Aussie Bite novels.

After assembling in the library, we met Julie Lawrinson. First we were encouraged to write about random subjects taken from a hat, for a straight three minutes. Some of the writing responses were whimsical and some downright weird. The next activity was to take a few random words and to come up with sentences with the word. It was fun and a great way to get the creative juices flowing. In the end, we all left feeling that we could easily get rid of writers block and succeed in the writing industry.

We will continue to invite students to an interesting range of MAGIS activities, targetting all areas of the curriculum and all ability groups.

Homeroom Leadership:

Students continue to set themselves small Leadership projects to enable them to put into practice serving others.

Mr Luke McCourt received this email from Majella Catholic Primary:

…we had the soccer shirts embroidered with the school logo and they only just came back on Friday! They look fantastic!

The story behind the email is the 2012 Year 7.6 Homeroom collecting shopping dockets and sending them to Majella. The resulting totals contributed to the school being able to field a soccer team wearing their shirts with pride. I hear whispers that the 7.6 Homeroom will be looking for shopping dockets soon and contributing to another good cause. Well done 2012 7.6 Homeroom and good luck to this year's group.

With the change in weather the chilly days, another group, the 7.1 Homeroom, decided to see if they had any shoes that were ready to be donated to charity. A shoe drive means these students now have 29 pairs of shoes to donate to communities who do not have shoes to wear to school or for job interviews. Another great effort showing our students as leaders committed to the service of others.

Mrs Sue Benson
Dean of Year 7