Senior Magis Scholar

On Saturday 25 May the preliminaries for the Sir Francis Burt Speech and Leadership Contest were held in the main administration building at the RAAF Association Estate. Our John XXlll College Senior Magis Scholar, William Paparo, gave a prepared and an impromptu speech. The standard of presentations and the quality of the young people participating was very high, making the decision on selection of the finalists challenging, according to judges on the day. William was selected as one of six finalists. He will compete in the Final on 14 June. Congratulations to William and we wish him luck in the Final.

Media Club

Media Club students are working on a special Wrap this week. It is designed to complement reading in the Library and engage a wider reading audience. Media Club embraces a wide variety of student interest. Students interested in writing, photography, film script writing, performance, opinion pieces, editing, or even art or drama are very welcome. The Club meets on Monday at lunchtime in Xavier 10. All students from Years 7 to 12 are welcome. It is very informal. We film after school on Friday. Members of the Media Club are currently working on a couple of big projects. Firstly the Alumni Ball, Shine, will showcase media skills and then work on Presentation Night has begun. In relation to print media, the 23rd Word editorial panel meet on Tuesday at lunch time in Xavier 10. Again, all are welcome.


Philosophy Club meet on Friday at lunch time. Last week we were joined by Mr Mazur who participated in an animated discussion around 'what is philosophy'? All students are welcome.

New Programs

On Wednesday I met with Professor Christopher Crouch from Curtin University. We discussed the potential for a joint John XXlll College/Curtin University Media program for Year 11 students. Professor Crouch also asked me to chair a panel discussion on Ethics to be held in June at Curtin. As we develop our new venture I will publish details in this column.


Last week the Library advertised for Library Monitors. Students from Years 7 to 12 are invited to email me with an expression of interest in the role. There is a Duty Statement for the position at the Help Desk in the Library for students. I started interviewing for the position on Monday and we have already made some appointments. Students who take on this role will receive training in a variety of skills. They are able to earn Community Service points for the work they do. I look forward to working with these keen young people.


Last week Julia Laurinson spent a day in the Library working with students from Years 7, 9 and 10.

Student Report on the Author-in-Residence

Friday last week a group of girls from Years 7, 9 and 10 were given a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet with Julia Laurinson, a realistic fiction novelist for teenage girls. Being a keen writer I was overjoyed to have been invited along, as were we all. Julia taught us the tricks of the trade and how, when it comes down to writing, it's all from the heart. She told us to write what we want to and not just what's on the best sellers list. We all left with hope in our minds and that maybe, one day, we might just be as successful as Miss Laurinson. Overall, the day was a great success, and I now know what to do when writers block comes knocking on my door.
Caitlin Hackett

Annette Pedersen
Magis and Ignatius Centre Coordinator