Rowing News

On Wednesday 21 October in the last week of Term 3, the Rowing Handover night was held in the Pavilion. At this event the efforts of all the athletes, coaches, committee members and parents, who participated in and helped at both the Schoolgirls' and the All Schools' Competition, were acknowledged.

Rowing is a sport that truly reflects the effort that an individual makes on a personnel level and, more importantly, as a member of a team. As a member of a rowing crew, it is important to work to together. All eight rowers, as part of an "Eight" crew with the Coxswain, need to meld together to make the rowing shell move efficiently and quickly.

As such, the efforts of the individuals working within their crews are recognised at this Awards night. The girls who excel in their respective year groups are then eligible for the Major awards. All rowers are eligible for the Overall Clubman Award.

2016 Girls' Year winners

Year 8 - Zoe Broderick (08CM)

Year 9 - Brianna Judge (09LY)

Year 10 - Holly Griffiths (10CM)

Year 11 - Emersyn Haddleton (11CM)

Year 12 - Laura Boere (12SL)

2016 Girls' Champions

Best Junior Oarsman - Zoe Broderick (08CM)

Best Senior Oarsman - Emersyn Haddleton (11CM)

Overall Clubman Award - Mia Fracaro (08WD)

The boys' season started on Wednesday 12 October, with the first training session at Canning Bridge. If you wish to join rowing for the 2017 Boys' season, it isn't too late. Registration forms are available from the Main Administration office.

Refer to the John XXIII College website for further information.

Dean Steadman - Rowing Coordinator
Mob: 0430 153 252