Year 7 News

Winning Waterwise Posters

Last week we announced the winners of the Year 7 Snap-a-Photo Waterwise competition. This week we present these photographs and captions.

smithad.lskl.waterwise.jpg court_jack_waterwiseentry.jpeg
Adam Smith (7.1)
Be Waterwise: Water is humanities most precious resource and always shall be used that way. Use only as much water as you need no more no less.
Jack Court (7.2)
At John XXIII College we plant succulents because they don't use as much water as other plants and they conserve the water they get.
chai_wwcomp_ls.jpg marshall.lskl.waterwise.jpg
Erin Chai (7.3)
I chose this photo because it fully expresses that time is running out and we need to do our little bit for the environment today.
Lorian Marshall (7.4)
Reflecting Our Future: How long will it take until all water sources look like this? Is this the future a week away, a month? Only time can tell.

Celebrating Success

Congratulations to Aislinn Morris (Homeroom 7.3) on her selection in the Western Australian Under 16s Women's Heat Baseball Team. Aislinn's selection reflects her high level of skill, a strong training ethic, commitment to her team and the Sport. We wish her well as she prepares for the National Carnival to be held in January.

Year 7 2016 Orientation Day

Tuesday was a wonderful day for the incoming group of Year 7 students. A team of teachers of Year 7 students presented an interesting range of activities.

There are so many people to thank:

  •  Parents for coming in to cook the sausage sizzle lunch for the students. Thank you Jo, Sam, Pat, Judy, Jane, Lina, Deirdre, Lucette and Emily.
  •  A great team of teachers, administration and support staff.
  •  The numerous Year 7 students helping out during the day: group mentors, iPad buddies, and the welcoming party.
  •  Year 11 SRC Leaders for organising and joining in in the lunchtime games.
  •  The orientation students for their willingness to join in, have fun and meet others.

Thank You!

Sue Benson - Assistant Deputy Principal Year 7