This week the Year 10 finalists of the Atticus Finch Justice Award presented their speeches to the entire Year 10 cohort. Their speeches were judged by a panel including College Principal Anne Fry, Year 10 Dean Damian Owen, Head of Faith and Justice Caroline Watson, Head of English Learning Area Sarah den Haan and me. This is the third year of these awards and I was very, very impressed with the standard of our speakers. Fourteen students spoke passionately and succinctly about justice and freedom, carefully linking the Ignatian values of our community to themes from To Kill a Mockingbird. The winner will be announced and prize awarded on Presentation Night.

Creative Writing

Our Year 11 Workshop is going ahead, with local writer Amanda Betts coming in to work with gifted writers in Year 11. This will run at the conclusion of the Year 11 examinations in November. We are also planning a Year 8 Creative Thinking and Writing Workshop for fourth term. Newman College have asked if we can plan a joint workshop with their gifted students. This is a brilliant opportunity for our Year 8 thinkers to extend themselves with like-minded students from another local school.

Philosophy Club

This week Philosophy Club met to select a team for the Philosothon in October. Numbers in the Club grow weekly, with students bringing powerful questions to discuss such as; "How can we know we have a correct understanding of good?" Media Club has been struggling with our shortened weeks, but work is progressing on the audio-visual for Presentation Night.

Year 7

We are also starting a new Magis Club, Magimation, for a group of Year 7 animation enthusiasts. We have a resident expert in Mrs Truscott. We meet next week to plan the organisation of the club. Any interested Year 7 student should contact either Mrs Truscott or me. The Club will meet on Fridays at lunch time in the Library Area 2.


Serenity Jones, Genevieve Ferguson Allen and James Green with Mr Edwards.

While we have been busy this week in the Library, our IT specialist, Lauren Truscott, ran an excellent, short PD for staff on Tuesday after school. She focussed on WebDAV and staff reported the session really enlightened them. Lauren will run another PD on 10 September focussing on iPad apps. Lauren is also available in the Library before school to assist students with any IT questions they might have. Library Help Desk staff are also able to help with such questions.

This week we added to our eBook collection on Overdrive. Access to Overdrive is available at: Students will find we have a collection of over 700 eBooks, both fiction and non-fiction. We also have some great new print books for our young readers, including additions to the popular Australian Girl series by local author Davina Bell.

Book Week proved to be very busy and stimulating. While many students explored the theme "Read across the Universe", many others sent in photographs of their beloved pets. These bookmarks are available in the Library. Focus in the Library is turning to our next theme, "Nature Raw in Tooth and Claw". New displays will go up over the coming weeks. There is a special display in the Year 12 Study Area of our 2013 Leavers from K to 12. Pop in to see photographs from 2000 to 2013 of our Year 12 students at John XXlll College.