This week I started working on a new gifted program for Years 9 and 10 for 2015. This will involve a three day intensive workshop in the State Library with work before and after in our College. I spent two hours in the Library working with Kate Akerman, Education Officer, on a draft for the program. The program is based in Australian Curriculum. The Year 9 History focus is, 'The Making of the Modern World'. The key enquiry question states; 'What were the changing features of the movements of people from 1750 to 1918'. The Year 10 Australian Curriculum History 'The Modern World and Australia' description states; 'The Year 10 curriculum provides a study of the history of the modern world and Australia from 1918 to the present, with an emphasis on Australia in a global context.' We will base the research program around this, using material in the State Library, Museum and Art Gallery. It will be a rich learning experience for the students culminating in an exhibition of their work. The State Library hopes to host the exhibition.

State Library of Western Australia where our students will be working.

I have had responses from a number of Catholic schools who are sending their gifted Year 11 and 12 students to our Magis Carnival on 26 June. This should offer students a great intellectual challenge in a supportive environment. Philosophical questions for the event will go out to students next week. If there are any queries about this please contact me on:

John XXlll College student work can be viewed on the University of Western Australia SPICE website. Go to:

Here Year 10 student Alex King's wonderful photograph is featured. The relationship between our Astronomy Club and the university has provided our gifted maths/science students with a very rich and on-going learning experience. On Wednesday afternoon the Media Club met in the Library to work on their new project. They are working on a film about the history of flight. Students have created a model and were sorting their storyboard before filming starts.

The poster for the Media Club film


Our extended hours have been welcomed this week by Year 11 and 12 students who have been busy studying. Many students have availed themselves of extra tuition from their specialist teachers. I am waiting to see if Year 12 students would like us to continue opening until 6pm after examinations are finished. If their response is positive we will continue this.

We have been working on overdue book notices. Email notification will go to secondary students directly. Students will get two reminders before parents are advised. Primary students will receive their initial overdue notices from their classroom teacher before parents are contacted. Overdue books often lurk forgotten in students' bags and bedrooms. We encourage students to check to ensure they do not have any overdue books gathering dust at home.

Dr Annette Pedersen
Magis and Ignatius Centre Coordinatot