NAS Sport Results

Thank you to all students for their involvement in NAS Sport in Term 1. We have had approximately 350 students involved in NAS Sport during Term 1 with 37 teams across 6 sports. Results of individual teams for Term 1 2012 are detailed below.

7 Girls Basketball 1st 8 Boys Cricket 2nd 10 Boys Basketball 5th
7 Boys Basketball 2nd 8 Girls Indoor Soccer 5th 10 Girls Basketball 1st
7 Girls Beach Volleyball 4th 8 Boys Tennis 1st 10 Boys Tennis 1st
7 Boys Beach Volleyball 5th 8 Girls Tennis 2nd 10 Girls Tennis 2nd
7 Boys Cricket 2nd 9 Boys Basketball 2nd 10 Boys Touch 1st
7 Girls Indoor Soccer 5th 9 Girls Basketball 2nd 10 Boys Cricket 2nd
7 Boys Tennis 3rd 9 Boys Beach Volleyball 4th 11/12 Boys Basketball 4th
7 Girls Tennis 1st 9 Girls Beach Volleyball 4th 11/12 Girls Basketball 3rd
8 Girls Basketball 4th 9 Boys Cricket 4th 11/12 Boys Tennis 4th
8 Boys Basketball 5th 9 Girls Indoor Soccer 3rd 11/12 Girls Tennis 1st
8 Girls Beach Volleyball 5th 9 Boys Tennis 3rd 10-12 Girls Indoor Soccer 3rd
8 Boys Beach Volleyball 3rd 9 Girls Tennis 1st 10-12 Girls Touch 2nd
11/12 Boys Touch 3rd

Nominations for Term 2 Sport are now open until the end of Term 1. Please come to the PE office at lunchtime to register your interest.