Clare Magee - GATE Coordinator

GATE Presentation - Mental Wellbeing of Gifted Students

On Tuesday afternoon 20 September, more than 80 parents and teachers welcomed Mr Graham Watts to John XXIII College to talk about the Mental Wellbeing of Gifted Students. Graham was visiting Perth from the UK and is an international speaker and educator in a range of areas including Gifted Education, Thinking Skills, Wellbeing and Mindfulness.

By sharing the science behind how the emotional 'flooding' of the amygdala disenables or slows thinking, it allowed us to understand why the pre frontal cortex's ability to process higher order thinking, such as creating, analysing and evaluating can be compromised. He gave us strategies to 'calm' using techniques such as mindful breathing, using the Head space app and remembering that 'nagging' is one way to send children to school in a flooded state making it hard for students to focus.

Some tips:

  • The idea of using mindful breathing to reduce stress by choosing a sight, sound or piece of music.
  • Saving a happy memory releases dopamine and we can use that to create happiness from within.
  • Make eye contact, Smile and ask after people...
  • Choose a positive attitude make a positive act....

We thank Graham for his time and energy.

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View the talk here: