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Dear Parents

Last Friday, eight of our Year 6 GATE students competed in a Junior Philosothon at Wesley College. This Philosothon involved thirteen Catholic and Independent Schools competing in a range of areas, such as Philosophy, Engineering, Mathematics, English, Code Breaking, Cartography and General Knowledge. Our team, comprising of Jayden Kounis, Sophia Matthews, Chelsea Morphett, Julian O'Rourke, Emilia Papini, Joseph Pietrzak, Patrick Robson and Tiala Slatter achieved a very commendable 3rd place. Mrs Magee (GATE teacher) accompanied the students and came back to school beaming with pride as the attitude, teamwork and endeavour displayed by our team was outstanding and she was absolutely delighted to watch them work so successfully as a team. Well done to our future problem-solvers and congratulations on your amazing result!

Next week we are celebrating Fathers' Day with a special early morning Mass at John XXIII. On Friday 5th September all fathers or a special father figure are invited to come along and sit with their children during our liturgy and receive a blessing at 7:30am. After Mass, we hope all our visitors will stay and share a scone/muffin and hot drink with their children and then visit the Primary classrooms. Everyone is welcome, but you need to RSVP for catering purpose. Please email Mrs Philpot in Administration:

At today's assembly we farewelled Mr Daniel Moylan who has been the Primary Counsellor at the College for the past 16 years. Mr Moylan has accepted a position as Director of Mission at St John of God Pathology. We will miss Daniel around the Primary school and thank him for his wonderful contributions to our school community. We wish Daniel every success and blessing on his new career journey.

These are some of the lovely thoughts the students shared about Mr Moylen :

Mr Moylan is so nice when he talks to our families. I am sad that Mr Moylan is leaving. Charlotte (1G)

Mr Moylan is kind because he helps all of us at school. Callum De Andrade (1B)

We will miss your friendly smile and the way you say hello whenever you're around. We will miss having you to talk to, and the help you give, especially in the playground. We will miss you Mr Moylan. Thank you. (Year 2B)

Mr Moylan, we want to wish you luck and success in your new job. We also want to thank you for keeping us safe and helping us when we were hurt. Thank you for helping us sort out our problems in our games and for playing games with us as well. Charlie (2G)

Mr Moylan is our hero because he helps us with our problems. Tiffany (3B)

I love Mr Moylan because he makes sure everyone is happy no matter what situation we are in. He is the best school counsellor you could ever have! I hope very much that he comes and visits us whenever he can. Charlie (3G)

Mr Moylan has been great at school because he watches out for people and helps them with their problems; thank you for all the support you have given us Mr Moylan! Shenae (4B)

Thank you Mr Moylan for helping us with lots of things. You are such a kind and understanding person. You helped people in our class when they were having hard times. You taught us how to manage handball, reminded us to wear hats and helped especially when we have had tricky situations at home and school. You helped us to talk it out and always made time for us. You are a great man and we will miss you a lot. (Year 4G)

Mr Moylan has been one of the best teachers in our school by always helping us when we are hurt, making games fun by joining in and also making students feel welcome when they come to our school. We will miss him very much. Sebastian (5G)

Mr Moylan has been around the school for many years and has helped in many things including our situations, problems and feelings. Mr Moylan has helped us through the 'Rainbows' program and plenty of other situations. We couldn't have asked for any one better than him throughout the last 16 years. Lachlan (5B)

Thank you so much Mr Moylan for all your love and support throughout the 16 years you have worked here. You showed loyalty towards all the children and were a great role model for our primary school. You have also helped many children to cope in difficult times with the introduction of the 'Rainbows' program. You have always made it your mission to ensure all children feel happy, safe and included at school. We will miss you very much and we wish you luck in your new job. Sophie (6G)

Congratulations to all the students who received a certificate for their amazing efforts.

Our Year 4 'Rats' Musical is only 10 days away! Come and see this amazing Primary Production. Tickets are available from the front office.

Finally, over the four day break please take the time to read the attached article about teaching children to persist when faced with difficulties or when things don't go their way.

Enjoy the long weekend!

Kind regards,

Antoinette De Pinto
Head of Primary