Around the Primary

We thank God for happiness and health, friendship and fun.

We thank God for all the good things we think and do and

for all the beautiful things we see and enjoy.

We thank God for all the good times we

have had together this term.

Dear Parents

It is hard to believe it is the end of Semester One. The children and staff have had a very busy and productive term. In fact, just yesterday the students from Years 5 and 6 thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Winter Lightning Carnival at the College. It was wonderful to see over five hundred children from nine different schools participating in the various winter sports. Well done to all the competitors! Our appreciation is extended to Mr Alderman for organizing this sensational sporting event and to all the hard-working staff and parent helpers. A big thank you to our secondary students that helped to umpire the various soccer, football, minkey and netball games.

Congratulations to the Year Six candidates who will be receiving their Confirmation on Sunday at St Mary's Cathedral. We hope and pray that through the Sacrament of Confirmation the Holy Spirit will fill our candidates just as the Holy Spirit filled the Apostles at the first Pentecost and that the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit will help them to know God better and to build God's Kingdom of peace and love. The students have certainly been well-prepared by Miss Coniglio, Mrs Purcell and Mr Casey and Fr Gaetan. Special thanks to Mrs Vicoli and Ms Lumley for their efforts organising the ceremony.

As we come to end of the term, it is time to farewell two of our wonderful Education Assistants, namely Miss Claire Bristow (Year One Assistant) and Mrs Leanne Shaw (Special Needs Assistant). We thank Claire and Leanne for sharing their skills with the primary school community and we wish them every success with their future endeavours. We also congratulate Amanda Hayes (PrePrimary B Teacher) and her fiancé Simon who were married last weekend. May they enjoy a lifetime of love and happiness.

During the holidays all families will receive their children's Semester One reports in the mail. Please remember that a grade of 'C' indicates your child is making sound progress in relation to what every other WA student in the same class is expected to achieve. In other words, your child is 'on track'. One of the most important aspects of any report is the effort mark. Please take careful note of your child's effort. Even if they are still at a 'D' for a particular subject, if the effort is given as "outstanding" or "very good" you may be reassured that their positive attitude and work ethic will eventually bring its own reward. I trust you will enjoy reading your child's report and celebrating with them their learning journey in Semester One.

Finally, I wish all families a well-earned rest from school routines. The staff and I have appreciated all the wonderful support we have received from the school community and we look forward to the children returning to school on Tuesday 24th July .

Enjoy the holidays!

Kind regards

Antoinette De Pinto
Head of Primary

Look at terrific twos enjoying the Fairy Tale Ball

Congratulations to David Thomson (3G ) for receiving a Highly Commended Award in the Shaun Tan Award for Young Artists. David's delightful artwork entitled, 'Mr Elephant' will be on display at the Subiaco Library until the end of July. Well done David!

Congratulations to all the primary students that submitted an entry into the Earth Carers' Competition at the College. All entries received a Certificate of Participation. The winner for each level was given a Certificate of Achievement. Special recognition was given to some entries with a Certificate of Commendation. Overall there was a fantastic response from the primary students, particularly from our Year One and Year Four children.

Thank you to the Secondary Teachers, Dr Margaret Yoon and Linda Kiernan for organising this competition and also helping to judge the entries. Special thanks to Catherine Young (Year 3G Teacher) for her work behind the scenes.

The Prize Winners and Commendations are listed below:

Year 1

1st Prize: Lachlan Richardson - Poster

Commendation: Tiffany Caesar - Poster

Year 2

1st Prize :

Alice O'Sullivan, Kirsten McCormick, Tayla Vivian and Jasmine Holly - Music Video & Posters - Shaking Savers

Commendation: James - Lego Model

Year 3

1st Prize: Grace Barbour and Caitlin Green - Board Game


Ruby Vlahov - Poster

Jemeeka Leigh - Poster

Year 4

1st Prize: Jayden Kounis, Julian O'Rourke, Joe Piertrzak, Ciaron Wheelan - Newspaper


Rachel Jackson - Song

Sophie Male, Sophie Manners, Zoe Broderick - Newspaper

Noah Brown, Joey Betts, Oliver Woodland - Newspaper

Sophia Matthews, Tiala Slatter, Matilda O'Callaghan - Poster

Year 6

1st Prize: Ciara Morrissey, Jasmine Koong, Daniel Martis, Amelia Purdy, Arabella Carnevali -



Ethan Wee and Montego Wheeler - Video News Report