NAIDOC Celebrations

This week the College has been privileged to host Writer in Residence Brenton McKenna from Broome who has been working with a small group of students from Years 8 to 12 who were chosen by their English teachers because of their passion for art and creative writing.

Brenton is at the College as part of NAIDOC Celebrations which will continue next week.

Brenton McKenna is published in a Penguin short story collection called Things a Map Won't Show You. Brenton is a young Yawuru Indigenous artist and writer from Broome. When he was eight years old, he was given a Ghost Rider comic book and it marked the beginning of his love of drawing. As a teenager, he taught himself to draw by copying images from comics. Brenton's main sources of inspiration are his memories of growing up in Broome. His graphic novel Ubby's Underdogs is published by Magabala Press.

NAIDOC is a time for us to learn from the indigenous elders about the 40,000 year-old story of Australia. It is a time to listen to their stories, and to learn how to care for our fragile land. We can also learn what life is like for our Aboriginal sisters and brothers today. It is a time to recognise their contributions - and some students at John XXIII have been researching this. NAIDOC is also a reminder for us to work together to 'close the gap', particularly in Education.

Our College celebrates NAIDOC next Tuesday 3rd July

8:00 am Rugby Oval - Smoking (Fire) Ceremony Optional for all students, parents and staff
(Precautions for students with Asthma, see below)

8:30 am Chapel - Gathering in Chapel Optional for parents & available staff

9:00 - 9:30 am Chapel Lawn - Welcome to Country Liturgy All Secondary students & staff (There will not be smoke at this liturgy)

Lunch time bush barbecue - to support our partner school, Jarjum College in Redfern. Local musician Matt Gresham will be playing. Bush Barbecue will be at Lunch time in the Pavilion

Smoking Ceremony: Precautions for students with Asthma 8:00am on the Rugby Oval. Attendance optional.

There will NOT be a Smoking Ceremony at the 9:00 Liturgy/Welcome to Country.

- Ensure your son/daughter brings their puffer/spacer to school on 3rd July
- Students should administer their puffer prior to the smoking ceremony
- Students should bring their puffer/spacer with them to the ceremony on the oval
- As smoke may trigger an attack, Asthma sufferers need to think carefully before attending
- If student is unwell with asthma on July 3rd, they must not attend the ceremony at 8:00am
- Students should not attend the ceremony if parents are concerned about their child's asthma condition/possible complications.

If you would like more information about NAIDOC, their website is:

If you would like to find out more about Jarjum College, there is a good article at: