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Dear Parents

Congratulations to our Interschool Athletics Team for their fantastic participation and enthusiasm at the IPSHA Carnival at All Saints College. It was wonderful to hear that our students were very competitive participants and displayed outstanding sportsmanship. Thank you to Mr Alderman, Mrs Taylor and Mr Fromm for your organisation and efforts on the day. Well done to all our athletes.

Year 3

Miranda Clyne, Ella Matthews, Matthew Gillman, Archie Ryan, Sylvia Czajko, Bridget Owen, Jackson Bosnich, Oliver Defrancesco, Lana O'Gorman, Cooper Matera, Ruby Verleg & Dylan Betts


Year 4

Gaberille Watts, Lulani Wheeler, William Parker, Zachary Morphett, Tenley Burton, Tayleah Dorrington, Charles McGurgan, Amelia Mettam, Emilee Patterson & Arabelle Peirce

Year 5

Summer Burton, Sophia DeFrancesco, Thomas King, Marshall Lalor, Jessica Jahn, Charley Laver, Lawrence McNeilly, Patrick Eastwood, Cleo Zuvela, Sandy Smith & Alexander Petsos, Marie-Claire Hickling, James Mitchell, Madeleine Northover, Amerie Chai, Jasmine Slatter & Conor McCormick


Year 6

Anna Peachey, Luca Matthews, Shenae Baker, Jemima Broderick, Mark Bauersachs, Hugo Croudace, Jack Chapman, Helena Phillips, Rory Betts, Hayden Bishop, Sarah Few, Landon Britz, Natalie Ong, Alexander Taylor, Kai Jahn, Jacob Griffiths, Zoe Koong, Chloe Rodrigo, James Fry & Xavier Smith

Our Primary Open Night is on Monday 19 September from 5:00pm to 7:00pm. We hope that every family will be able to come along to celebrate some of the wonderful learning opportunities your children have been offered at John XXIII. Your child will be your guide and take you on a mini class tour! Families are welcome to visit other classrooms too. Our talented Primary students will also be providing some musical entertainment.


It was wonderful to see many parents at the Year 4B Mass this morning. It was a wonderful community celebration for the upcoming Feast of St Francis of Assisi. Well done to Miss Nish and the students from Year 4B.

Kind regards

Antoinette De Pinto
Head of Primary

Look at our surprise to Pre Primary Visitor!


Year 6 Japanese Excursion to Hyogo Cultural Centre

By Helena Philips (6B)
The Year Six excursion to the Hyogo Cultural centre was a wonderful experience. My personal highlight was putting brush to paper and having a brief lesson in the art of calligraphy. I learnt a great deal about Japanese culture through participating in some fun and educational activities.

hyogo-b.jpg     hyogo-c.jpg

By Stella Morgan (6B)
The Year Six Japanese excursion was a thrilling experience. Whilst at the Hyogo cultural centre we were able to take part in many educational activities, including drawing and labelling a traditional Japanese home and interviewing a Japanese speaker in Japanese. We also learnt a lot of valuable information about Perth's sister state (or prefecture) as they are known in Japan.

hyogo-e.docx.jpg     hyogo-f.jpg

By Kirsten McCormick (6B)
The Year 6 Japanese excursion to the Hyogo Cultural Centre was a superb learning opportunity that increased our already vast knowledge of the complex Japanese language. We participated in a highly interesting circuit of Japanese tasks including, putting together a terrific puzzle made out of Katakana and Hiragana Symbols, drawing and exploring a traditional Japanese house and completing an interesting quiz on the highlights of Hyogo. Next, we all tried the art of calligraphy and everyone created a wonderful piece of art to take home. Overall, the Year 6 Japanese Hyogo Cultural Centre was a wonderful experience and greatly assisted our Japanese knowledge.