Membership CECWA Standing Committees

The Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia (CECWA) and its six Standing Committees are mandated to foster the continuous development and improvement of Catholic schools in Western Australia, and to act on behalf of the Catholic community for the benefit of all Catholic school-aged children.

Given that Principals are called to know their communities it is important that people are encouraged to share their gifts and talents with the wider Catholic community. The following vacancies on CECWA Standing Committees need to be filled:

School Personnel Committee (SPC) - Two Vacancies - Nomination Form

A member of the community who has a particular strength in the area of Industrial Relations.

An Indigenous representative

The SPC meets 6 times per year on a Wednesday from 1.30pm to approximately 3.30pm

Religious Education and Curriculum Committee (RECC) - Three Vacancies - Nomination Form

A Priest supporting relationships between parish and school.

A person from a Tertiary Institution

A Catechist

The RECC meets 6 times per year on a Tuesday from 1.30pm to approximately 3.30pm.

School Resources Committee (SRC) - Two Vacancies - Nomination Form

A person with a background in resources

The SRC meets 10 times per year on a Thursday from approximately 1.00pm to 3.30pm

Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) - Four Vacancies - Nomination Form

Membership of the PAC is open to parents who currently have children attending a West Australian Catholic school and are either a current School Board or Council member or an Executive member of the parent representative body at the school. Parents self-nominate with the endorsement of the principal. The four vacancies are to be allocated as follows:

A person from the Perth diocese,

A person from the Geraldton diocese

A person from the Bunbury diocese

An Indigenous representative

The PAC meets three times per year on a Thursday from approximately 10.00am to 1.00pm.

Finance Committee - One Vacancy - Nomination Form

Membership of the Finance Committee is open to people who have a background in finance.

A person with secondary school experience.

The Finance Committee meets four times per year on a Tuesday at 4.30pm.

The attached nomination form needs to be completed and returned to Mary Retel, Executive Secretary, CECWA by

Monday 15 October 2012. Nominations will be forwarded to the CECWA for its consideration and decision.

Terms of Reference for CECWA Standing Committees are available on the Catholic Education Office website at