Year 7 News

300x200-y07-speak-up-awards.jpgHigh Achievers:

The first half of this term has seen many of our students achieve personal best performances in the classroom, on the sporting field, creating in art and design rooms, and inventing in other areas.

Congratulations to ALL students for the pride shown and the determination evident in their approach to learning. In Week 1 of this term we acknowledged Achievement and Application in every class, in every subject at the Academic Assembly. We continue to encourage every student to strive for their best effort and set realistic goals to improve their skills and knowledge, along with their organisation and time management.

Seventeen Year 7 students were invited to celebrate their academic effort and success at the recent High Achievers Breakfast. Congratulations to these students!

Year 7 High Achievers: Fynn Brailey, Nicholas Brennan, Sophie Manners, Audrey Quinlan, Matthew Steinepreis, Hudson Todd, Aerin Chai, Aislinn Morris, Jacob Rigg, Jasmin Collins, Dominic Hampton, Sophia Matthews, Tiala Slatter, Emily Bantock, Jayden Kounis, Joseph Pietrzak and Daniel Poland.

Speak Up Awards:

Term 3 English started with each student preparing a 4 minute talk on the topic, Seek Justice. Thorough preparation, honing speaking skills and regular rehearsals contributed to many fine presentations. Class winners were:

7.1: Nicholas Brennan
7.2: Zoe Broderick
7.3: Arlea Melbin
7.4: Ruby Parker
7.5: Conor Doyle
7.6: Niamh MacQuillan

The 'winning' talk from each Homeroom performed their talk to an assembly of all Year 7 students with Mrs Shannon Allen adjudicating. Conor Doyle is congratulated for being rewarded with the 2015 Year 7 Speak Up Award.

Year 7 Religion:300x321-y07-mass.jpg

Thank you to Father Wilson and Year 7 Religion Teachers (Mrs Lumley, Ms Reen, Mr Nelson, Ms Preedy, Mrs Myers and Mr McCourt) for creating in the College Chapel a 'walk-through' of a Baptism Rite, to enable our students to experience more fully with their research task. Given that most students won't remember it, they will enjoy the opportunity to share with you the real life stories of their own Baptism.

Year 7 Social:

This is yet another very popular event on the Year 7 calendar. Year 7 Leaders have been working with the Year 12 SRC representative, Jaime Slabbert, to make decisions and plan for the social. Permission slips have been sent home to be returned before Wednesday, 2 September, with the $5 required to cover the costs of the evening.

Key information: Social, Thursday, 3 September, in the Hall, 6:30 - 8:30 (pick up), theme: NEON.

Supper contributions: 7.1 & 7.2: Sweet, 7.3 & 7.4: Savoury, 7.5 & 7.6 Drink

Year 7 Homeroom Leadership

It is powerful to see students develop skills in technology, make links to their learning focus in Geography and show leadership is responding to being Waterwise. The following examples of promoting being Waterwise come from snapping a photo and writing 25 words about being Waterwise in Life Skills: Leadership lessons.

y07-waterwise-1.jpg y07-waterwise-2a.jpg y07-waterwise-3.jpg

The microphone is telling the world that our school is water wise.

Karl Haugg 7.3

Adam Smith 7.1

The Life Carrier

I took this photo because rain gives us water. We can
harness the power of rain by having water tanks
or not watering in winter.

James Langton 7.4

Sue Benson - Assistant Deputy Principal Year 7