Media Club

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Filming will again take place on Friday this week after school and the Club meets on Monday next week. The 23rd Word Committee will meet on Tuesday. All Media Club meetings take place in X10 at lunch time. All are welcome.

Magis Computer Club

The NCSS Challenge is an online programming competition run by the University of Sydney. The competition runs for 5 weeks in Term 3 starting on August 5th and teaches students how to program as they compete. In 2012 over 4200 high school students (and some primary school students) and 350 teachers competed in the Challenge from over 300 different schools across Australia and New Zealand.

Each week, a set of notes for either in-class or self-directed learning is distributed to participants via email and online. A set of challenge questions testing this material is also released. The questions range in difficulty to allow beginners to progress at their own rate while still extending gifted students. The challenges will increase in complexity as more and more programming concepts are covered over the 5 weeks.

Students submit answers to these questions, which are automatically marked using a series of test cases that are designed to help guide the student to a working solution. A full set of correct solutions, hints and commentary about each question are released at the end of each week. Video lectures and walk-throughs of some questions will also be available.

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There are 3 Python streams offered in this year's Challenge: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. Enrolment in a stream costs $20 per student. This can be paid by students individually via PayPal. Students generally spend a few hours a week to complete all questions, although this varies depending on which stream they are enrolled in. We will offer a support session on a weekly basis in the Library after school for students who enrol in the program. We would like to offer this program, through a Magis Computing Club, to students in Years 8, 9 and 10. Any interested student needs to contact either John Joosten or me before Thursday 4 July.

Magis Maths Club 24 June

Philosophy Public Lecture

Is Morality a Matter of Moral Reasoning or a Matter of Evolution?

Professor Tziporah Kasachkoff

Each year Hale School in Perth invites a professional philosopher to spend a week with us speaking to students, staff, parents and the broarder community.

Tziporah Kasachkoff is our 2013 Philosopher in Residence. She is currently the Professor Emerita, of social science at the City University of New York and lectures at Ben Gurion University, Israel, Department of Philosophy. She lives for 6 months each year in New York and six months each year in Jerusalem Israel. She is the editor of The American Philosophical Association Newsletter on Teaching Philosophy. She is the author of numerous books including Teaching Philosophy: Pedagogical Insights and Practical Suggestions, Morality and Public Policy, In the Socratic Tradition: Essays on Teaching Philosophy.

The Topic will be - "The relevance of empirical findings to our understanding of moral judgments, particularly claims that evolution has determined us to respond in certain ways to particular triggers in our environment and that the role of "reasoning" in moral judgment may be much less than we tend to think."

When: Wednesday 24th July
Time: 7.30pm - 9pm
Where: Hale School Function Room (Admin building).


The Library has three new Library Monitors; Alice Chaney, Morgan Riley and Paris Horne. We are delighted to have such a dedicated team of students working with us. They are involved in shelving, checking books in and out, writing reviews, setting up displays and helping with Apple TV in the Library. Year 8 student and Library Monitor Jonty Binet has recently read After, by Morris Gleitzman. Jonty says; "After is the third in this series by Morris Gleitzman. The series is based on a boy in World War 2 who is lost, without parents, or any idea of what is going on." Jonty goes on to say; "I would recommend this book along with the rest in the series to everyone." I look forward to seeing more comments on books by our avid readers.

Work has started on Book Week. This is in Week 5 next term. Many exciting events are planned for the Library. The theme for the week is Reading Across the Universe.

Please note the Library will close at 3.10pm on Friday 5 July.

Dr Annette Pedersen
Magis and Ignatius Centre Coordinator