Faith and Justice

NAIDOC: A celebration of Aboriginal history, culture and achievements

"You are a part of Australia and Australia is a part of you. And the Church herself in Australia will not be fully the Church that Jesus wants her to be until you have made your contribution to her life and until that contribution has been joyfully received by others." (Pope John Paul II, 1986)

This year NAIDOC week honours the 50th anniversary of the Yirrikala Bark petitions. In August 1963 the Yolngu people from Yirrikala in north western Arnhem Land sent two petitions to the federal House of Representatives. The petitions were inscribed on bark, framed by traditional ochre paintings of clan designs.

The petitions protested against the government's granting of mining rights on land which had been excised from Arnhem Land reserves - including sacred sites. The petition sought recognition of the Yolngu people's traditional rights and ownership of their land.

The petitions were significant because they were recognised as official documents and paved the way for reversing the erroneous concept of 'terra nullius'.

NAIDOC Week is officially July 7 - July 13.

The College will celebrate NAIDOC in the last week and will have NAIDOC Ceremony next Friday morning.

NB: Community Mass on 5th July - There will be a Community Liturgy of the Word (8:00-8:15am), not a Mass on Friday 5th July, as Fr Wilson is away.

Smoking Ceremony

8:15am, Chapel Lawn

An ancient and timeless ceremony that heals and purifies the participants and the area. In a smoking ceremony, leaves are smouldered on a small fire. The smoke covers the participants' bodies, ridding them of what is not needed, and strengthening them when they feel sad or weak. Nyungar elder Richard Walley will lead us in this ceremony and all students, parents and staff are warmly invited.

NB: For students with Asthma, please see note below

Liturgy including Welcome to Country

8:40am, Chapel Lawn - all Secondary students & staff. Parents also invited.

A welcome to country ceremony is a traditional Aboriginal blessing, symbolising the traditional owners' consent to an event taking place on their land.

What if my child has asthma?


- Ensure your son/daughter brings their puffer/spacer to school on 5th July

- Students should administer their puffer prior to the smoking ceremony

- Students should bring their puffer/spacer with them to the ceremony on the Chapel Lawn

- As smoke may trigger an attack, Asthma sufferers need to think carefully before attending

- If student is unwell with asthma on July 5th, they must not attend the ceremony at 8:15am

- Students should not attend the ceremony, and should avoid the Chapel Lawn area if parents are concerned about their asthma condition/possible complications.


Forget to send in hamper items? There is still time to add to weekend shopping and send in early next week. Check the list of required items here. Thank you so much for your support with this.

What services does Shopfront offer?

  • Food and drink for those who call in.
  • Shower & clothes washing facilities for those who are homeless.
  • Emergency accommodation, food for families, transport vouchers or phone cards.
  • Visits from Street Doctor, Community Centrelink Team, Mental Health Worker.
  • Referral of those with health and homeless issues to appropriate Government and Private agencies.
  • Assist people with long term housing, employment and advocacy by referring them to other organisations.
  • Through St Vincent de Paul, sometimes assist with clothing, bedding, furniture, non-electrical household goods and some financial assistance with bill paying, for those in hardship.


We are delighted to announce that this weekend several of our Year 4 students are celebrating their first Eucharist in a couple of our local parishes.

St Cecilia's, Floreat

Bailey Arundell
Grace Barbour
Declan Carroll
Talei Macdougall
Kanan Miranda
Abbey Chapman

St Thomas the Apostle, Claremont

Hayden de Courtenay
Rosa Defrancesco
Abbey Fethers
Christopher Fuller
James Hodge
Joshua King
Daniel Morgan
James Purdy
Thomas Standen
William Vardenaga
Georgia Wholley
Gabriele Evans
Sophie Flack
Benjamin Fuller
Charlotte Gellard
Caitlin Green
Stella Kenny
Olive Matthews
Oliver Mitteregger
Thomas Rear
Emma Scalise
Mia Smith
Ashleigh Tudori

Last night the following Year 3 Students celebrated their first Reconciliation at St Thomas in Claremont:

Shenae Baker
Jemima Broderick
Hugo Croudace
James Green
Alice O'Sullivan
Jordan Smith
Oliver Stickand
Zoe Benneke
Genevieve Ferguson-Allen
Thomas Linsten
Helena McPhillips
Ruby Williamson

Confirmation in Holy Rosary Parish, Nedlands

The Sacrament of Confirmation will be conferred by Bishop Donald Sproxton on the weekend of 14th/15th September for Year 6 students in the parish. Students at John XXIII who are being confirmed in Nedlands need to register by completing registration form on the parish website: parish

There is a short session for parents of children being confirmed on Wednesday 7th August, 7:30-8:30 in the Parish Centre. Further information:

Sacraments at St Mary Star of the Sea

If this is your parish and you wish your child to receive the Sacraments there please contact: 9384 2421 or

Dates as follows:

First Reconciliation: Tuesday 30th July

First Communion: Sunday 1st September

Confirmation: Sunday 11th August

If you have not already enrolled for the Sacraments you MUST contact the parish before these dates.


Today in homerooms, some students in years 10 & 11 received certificates of appreciation for their Service Learning at the Red Cross Bindaring clothing sale, held at the end of May. It is our pleasure to share some feedback from the organisers:

"A big thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sending these 'angels'!

The Service Learning students have become an integral part of our Bindaring Sale day and their energy and hands save us hours and hours of work.

Their youthful spirit an inspiration and balance to our older members. They adore the young ones, hence, the 'angels'.

All the students worked well doing exactly as asked. I have had nothing but praise for the students from all our members who have stated the students this year were 'the best to date'. They not only followed directions given by members but were courteous at all times and arrived on time!"

Next year's year 10 & 11 students will have the opportunity to participate in this annual event in May. Service Learning is one of the ways we implement the Ignatian value of being 'women and men for and with others'.

Thank You

To Rev Fr Thomas Scirghi SJ, Jesuit Chair of Studies, St Thomas More College 2013

Public Lecture "The Jesuits and the Pope" - Kindly reproduced here for the John XXIII Community with the permission of Fr Thomas Scirghi SJ.

Mary-Anne Lumley
Liturgist and Parish Liaison