Primary Philosothon
This week we spent a lot of time working on the Primary Philosothon. Given 30 schools have replied saying they want to send students we are looking at 180 students this year. On Friday last week after school I met with staff from the Art Gallery of Western Australia to begin planning 2014. The Gallery theatrette can only hold 90 people, so clearly we cannot run with 180 students. The decision has been made to run two separate philosothons, a Year 5 & 6 day on 20 June and a later Year 7 day on 7 November. The Gallery is also happy for me to train Gallery Guides as facilitators for the day. That make organisation much easier and I no longer will depend on teachers helping to run sessions. As students are likely to participate in the philosothon three times over the years, I am writing three different cycles. The theme for 2014 is 'the body in space'. This year I will take a different philosophical approach, working with twentieth century French philosophy. This will provide students with a quite different and challenging experience.

Youth Parliament
In past years students have been involved in the YMCA Youth Parliament. This is an annual youth forum which allows young people between 15 and 25 years of age to discuss issues important to them in Parliament. Information about the program can be found at:

Any interested student can also speak to me about the program.

HASS Extension Program
We are working at an extension program with the State Library and the Museum for our gifted Year 9 and 10 students. We plan to write a program involving original research through the Library and the Museum. This will be a real research project based over some days where students will do field work as well as research original documents in the Library. Having helped program and teach sessions at a local university on an archaeological investigation in Fremantle, I know our students will find this very exciting. Furthermore, it will help them to develop sophisticated research and analytical skills beyond the reach of a google investigation.

Jesuit Debating Carnival
On Thursday this week I spoke to our Year 11 and 12 students about the Annual Australian Jesuit Debating Carnival. I really encourage any student who has an interest in debating to go to this event. It will be held at Xavier College Melbourne this year. Students are billeted with a local family and spend three days debating topics with a social justice theme. Our 2013 team have offered to coach the 2014 team, it was a powerful experience for them last year. They are very keen a team goes again from John XXlll College this year.

Magis Clubs
The Chess Club is running successfully at lunch time on Thursday, in the Library. Astronomy Club is making the most of our late summer to "star gaze" on Friday night this week and Thursday night next week. During the holidays our Magis Maths/Science students will be doing the SPIRIT program at UWA. They will be accompanied by a few very keen teachers who also help to learn these wonderful skills. Media Club has also been meeting and our young students are planning to make a short film. Magimation students have been doing some exciting stop-motion filming of Lego. We hope to make these available to our community. Magis Maths Club is also running and students need to keep an eye on Simon to check where they are meeting. Philosophy Club continues to meet on Friday at lunchtime. Numbers are growing and the questions being raised by students are becoming more and more complex. Finishing the week with this particular activity is really energising.


This week we have placed an order, based on student requests, for a number of classic texts. These will be on display in the Library when they arrive. Students have been asked to write a simple paragraph explaining why we should read these books. We will include this rationale for purchasing the books in our display. We are also hosting a Year 11 Reading Group as well as our year 12 Reading Theory Group. The Year 11 students are reading The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green.

Lego Club
Lego Club has gone into recess while Mrs Holmes is on long service leave. We hope the Club will begin again in Term 2 when she returns to work. However, as the Library becomes busy with the lead up to examinations it will be necessary for the Club to find another space to meet.

Library Hours
Next term, in the lead up to examinations, the Library will be open until 6pm Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for senior secondary students. Wednesday will be the only day for students to play quiet games in the Library at lunch time. The focus is to provide a space conducive to study and/or reading. Students can call on me for help with English, Literature and Religion and Life studies. They are also welcome to make appointments with me if they need extensive time or a tutorial in any of these subject areas. Staff will be available to help in other discipline areas.

Mairead Chapman - Private study in the Library

Dr Annette Pedersen
Magis & Ignatius Coordinator