Sacraments in Parishes

Families need to register their children to receive the Sacraments in the parish with which they identify.

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Parish Sacramental Diary for this weekend

  • St Thomas the Apostle Claremont: Registering before 11th April:
  • St Cecilia's Floreat: Commitment Mass for First Communion March 29/30

Further information:

Mary-Anne Lumley
Parish Liaison

Easter in Parishes

For Christians, Easter is the central feast of our liturgical year. Families celebrate Easter traditions in various ways, and many families will take the opportunity to participate in celebrations of the Lord's Supper, Passion and Resurrection in their parishes. For your convenience, details from some of our local parishes will be published here.


Repentance is a traditional part of our Lenten Journey, and becoming reconciled within the Church community has always been part of preparation for Easter. Parishes will be offering Reconciliation (Confession). In addition some parishes will offer Reconciliation combined with a liturgy of the word celebrated as community 9also called Second Rite).

Two local parishes offering second rite are:

  • Crawley: St Thomas More Collegiate Chapel - Monday 31st March 7:30-8:30pm
  • Claremont: St Thomas Apostle - Wednesday 2nd April 7:00-8:00pm

Community Mass

Today we celebrated with year 12s before they head off on their Manresa retreat. Many people find the Community Mass a great way to prepare for Mass in their parish at the weekend. All welcome at any time - and especially during the Lenten season, leading up to the great feast of Easter.

When: Fridays in term time

Time: 8:00 - 8:30

Where: College Chapel

Special Community Mass - last day of term, 11th April.

Note the earlier start time of 7:30!

Our celebration will begin in the Library Courtyard with a blessing and procession of palms. More information next week

Have life and live it to the full…

… is the theme of the 2014 Caritas Project Compassion. Caritas provides the following reflection on this Sunday's gospel (John 9:1-41).

In this Sunday's Gospel Jesus speaks of himself as 'the light of the world'. A central theme of John's Gospel is the contrast of light and darkness. The question for us is 'am I living in the light of faith or in the darkness of a cocoon of self-focus?'

The healing of the man who was blind from birth emphasises the role of Jesus in making it possible for people to escape from darkness into light. In this powerful story we watch as the faith of the man grows as he progresses from describing Jesus as 'the man Jesus', to 'prophet', to 'one from God' and finally to addressing Jesus as 'Lord'.

When we are in spiritual 'darkness', our focus is primarily on ourselves - and our ability to love is limited. As Jesus draws us into the light of faith, our horizon expands and we grow in compassion. We begin to see beyond ourselves, and are drawn by the example of Jesus to attend to people affected by disaster. We come to recognise what Pope John Paul II expressed: 'Because we are all really responsible for all.'

For people in the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, life-challenging events come in the form of floods, earthquakes, landslides and cyclones. Often these disasters occur in the early morning when children are at school. Caritas Australia's Disaster Risk Management project uses well-known tunes and simple lyrics to teach children what to do when disaster threatens. The program has been rolled out through 35 schools in the Solomon Islands and 22 schools in Vanuatu. Through Project Compassion the threatening fear of these events is significantly reduced. Jesus continues to change lives, bringing light and new possibilities for people. We can support our contributions to Project Compassion.

©Caritas Australia

Thank you to parents for your ongoing support of Project Compassion in the College - and for assisting our students in finding ways to make a difference to the lives of others, especially during this period of Lent. Further information about Caritas Project Compassion is available at:

Parish Weekend

John XXIII College has 'wide boundaries'. Being a regional College, both our Primary and Secondary cohorts comprise students who live all over the metropolitan area. The Faith life of our Community is enriched by families from many parishes.

Parish Weekend