Sacraments in Parishes

Registering this week:

- St Mary Star of the Sea Cottesloe/Mosman Park

Commitment Masses this weekend

- St Thomas the Apostle Claremont

Before 11th April

Further details: College website


Do I need to register if we are at John XXIII?

Yes, you will need to register your child to receive the sacrament. However you DON'T need to enrol in parish classes, as the program is covered in RE lessons at school.

What do we need to take to registration?

Relevant earlier certificates - eg Baptism, Reconciliation etc.

Where can I find more information?

Mary-Anne Lumley
Parish Liaison

Community Mass

The College is blessed that each Friday morning it celebrates as a unique Christian community. Many people find it a great way to prepare for the wider Christian community at their own parish Mass at the weekend. Unique College events that will be celebrated in the Community Mass are:

- Year 7s - 7th March

- Campion Day - 14th March.

Parents are always so welcome to join us, even if they are not familiar with a Mass. The responses are all on a powerpoint, and it is a small friendly community. Mass always finishes at 8:30, so students and teachers can get to class.

When: Fridays in term time

Time: 8:00 - 8:30

Where: College Chapel

Who: All welcome!

LENT: A season to get living

A famous line in the 1994 movie, Shawshank Redemption: "It comes down to a simple choice, get busy living or get busy dying".

As the fleeting years and circumstances pass by us, we sometimes forget how short and precious life is. Then something jars us, awakening us to the opportunity to re-examine our lives. Lent is just that season - to get busy living. There is no rewind button in life, but we can progress from where we are to where God wants us to be.

Ash Wednesday - 5th March

The start of Lent is good to remind ourselves that growth in faith is not a matter of doing more, or trying harder. We do not sanctify ourselves - God is the one who makes us holy. We cooperate in the process by inviting the Holy Spirit to transform our hearts of stone into hearts of grace.

We dispose ourselves to be open to God's transforming love through the Sacraments and through the actions described in the Gospel for Ash Wednesday (Matthew 6:1-21): almsgiving, prayer, fasting.

- Almsgiving springs from a true perspective on money - to use it to care for my family and for others in need.

- Prayer is giving God time, inviting Jesus to 'make his home in me'.

- Fasting helps me create a space where God can come more fully into my life.

All these actions are a response to a deep longing for the Truth that is God. In the Gospel Jesus warns us that we humans have the ability to do good things for the wrong reasons. If we take pride in our actions, then we can defeat the purpose for which we do them.

The theme this year for Project Compassion is 'That you may have life'. It reminds us that only through Jesus can we have the 'fullness of life' - which will include sharing our time and gifts in bringing life to others.

Ash Wednesday Liturgies

The College will celebrate various Ash Wednesday liturgies on Wednesday morning. For information about parish liturgies, check your parish bulletin or your parish website

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