Inigo Parent Talks

We are now coming up to the Second Module (Ignatian Values) at 9am next Wednesday 5 March. As stated below if you miss a Module there is no problem because each Module has different Content. Some Parents who missed Module 1 are coming to Module 2. You are always most welcome. Please continue to send your RSVP for each Module.

The Ignatian Induction Program has been conducted over the last four years to most John XXIII Staff (with high approval evaluations) and last year was opened up to Parents. The Program consists of 6 independent content Modules with a Certificate of attendance issued to those who have completed all 6 Modules. The Staff did their Modules in groups of 20-30 over 2 full days. Parents of course needed a more flexible arrangement. Wednesdays with time slot given above, of weeks 3,5 and 7 in Term 2 and Wednesday weeks 4, 6 and 8 in Term 3. Because the Modules are independent you are able to do a Module even though missing previous Modules. Those who miss some Modules this Year can catch up next year. The idea of the Modules is to provide Staff and Parents with the basic essence of the ethos of John XXIII. The College is already a great School and with this unity it can become even greater. So our wonderful Parent Leaders (who attended the Program last year) and yours truly the Presenter EXHORT YOU to come on board next Wed morning in Gonzaga Barry Lecture Theatre.

PS I would appreciate an RSVP by sending your name to Murray 93830444 or email

'Enhancing Brain Power' Presenter: Dr. Margaret Yoon

The talk is Parent focussed : Improving our own and our Child's brain power.

Talk Objectives:

  • Understanding the Brain's Natural Learning Systems

  • Accelerate your motivation, learning and success

  • Learn to celebrate diversity in others and

  • Create synergy and growth at home, school or work

  • Understanding and experiencing your mind-body connection

  • Participants will learn about the Brain's 5 natural Learning Systems and steps we can take

    to ensure that our brain functions optimally to get the best results in all that we do

    For whom: General but especially Educators, Mums and Dads and Consultants.

Margaret received her B.Ed from the UK and has over 20 years experience as a teacher of high school students in Britain, Malaysia and Australia. Her interest and experience in the area of Accelerative Learning and Brain-based Learning has taken her many times to the USA where she learnt from experts such as Dr Barbara Given, Eric Jensen, Dr Howard Gardner, Dr Jeanette Vos, Tony Buzan and others. Margaret's experience as a teacher gives her the advantage of knowing what is workable and transferable in the classroom or work situation. Margaret has presented similar workshops in Germany, International Research Conference in Beijing, Ireland, USA and here in Western Australia and Melbourne. Margaret was awarded her Ph.D. in 2005.




7.30PM TO 9.00PM

Donation for Inigo Centre

WEDNESDAY 5 March, 2014

Further Details and Registration contact Murray Graham on 9383 0444 or email