Claire Bevilacqua has been a household name in Australian sport since she won her first surfing state title in 1998. Taking her career globally by 2000 she has had a lucrative and successful career on the world tour, reaching 6th in the world in 2006. With growth and experience she has now turned her focus to free surfing, coaching, public speaking, journalism, health and nutrition. With Australian, American and Hawaiian Titles, she has a vast knowledge of global high performance surfing and training.

Graduating from the harsh reality of competition life she now dedicates her time and energy to helping others reach their full potential. As a certified surfing instructor and coach for Surfing WA's best juniors, these Yallingup high performance surfing camps will bring together 15 years of pro surfing wisdom into a 4 day jam packed exciting program. The skills taught during these days can be considered those that you will carry on for the rest of your life.

These progression day camps are for those who are already surfing independently and confidently. Surfers who would like to improve, see themselves on video then take their surfing and strength to the next level. During the 4 days they will replace bad habits with high performance techniques for their surfing. Under the experienced guidance and fine tuned eyes of professional surfer and coach Claire Bevilacqua and her team, at the end of 4 days surfers will take home new skills to work with, fun memories, confidence, a great attitude and strength to carry on improving.

  • Surfing sessions with video analysis and coaching after each session.
  • Fitness and training sessions with myself & a Personal trainer.
  • Nutrition and health discussions.
  • Yoga for surfers sessions.
  • Clear and detailed instructions from coach to take your surfing to the next level.
  • Pin-point and discussion of problem areas, methods to correct surfing technique.
  • Tips to improve your wave usage and wave count.
  • Equipment advice.
  • Filming and Photo analysis of surfer.
  • Healthy lunch and snacks.
  • Ocean and beach activities for strength, conditioning and sea awareness.

A typical day would include: 8am - 2pm

  • Surfing session #1
  • Video analysis of first session
  • Lunch
  • Fitness; strength, mobility sessions and games
  • Surfing Session #2
  • Photo analysis of second session

Price is $250 for 4 days.

Dates are 3rd to 6th Oct or 9th - 12th Oct

Deposit and confirmation are needed ASAP to book a spot (only 6 kids per camp) Clairebevo@gmail.com