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Dear Parents

Our inaugural John XXIII Sports Expo was held on Wednesday evening. This Expo involved our enrichment students from Years 5 and 6 organising interactive learning centres about a famous athlete or a sport and also presenting associated speeches and an iMovie to an audience. This night was the culmination of many weeks of commitment and hard work and provided the opportunity for students to share their research findings, creativity skills, communications skills, and information technology skills to engage others.

Thanks to all those families that came along to support our talented students. A big thank you to Ms Allen (Assistant Principal) for co-ordinating our Enrichment program and for organising this amazing learning experience for our students to assist them to set personal goals, complete challenges as well as nurture their higher-order thinking skills.

We enjoyed some great success on Tuesday at the IPSHA Inter-school Athletics Carnival. Congratulations to the 63 competitors who completed with such determination and whose behaviour at the Carnival was excellent.

On Thursday afternoon, we braved the inclement weather conditions and completed the team games, namely pass-ball, leader-ball and tunnel-ball and also the mixed relays. Congratulations to Loreto, our Champion House for 2013.









St. Louis




It was such a joy to see so many happy and proud parents and children at today's Assembly. Well done to Ms O'Connor and Year 4G for a fantastic rendition of 'Strega Nona'.

It is about this time of year when some parents start to wonder about who will be teaching their children next year. Now, while I understand that parents might be curious, I would like to take this opportunity to remind parents that all teachers at John XXIII College are professional and of an excellent standard. Children will receive a high quality of education no matter which class they are placed in for the new school year. We spend a lot of time and give great consideration to the placement of children. Consideration for placement is made using the following criteria:

  • academic ability
  • friendships
  • gender balance
  • behaviour
  • special needs

Every effort is made to place children where it is felt they will have the greatest opportunity to succeed. I ask you to trust that the class your child is going to next year is one in which they will thrive. Parents are welcome to contact me about their child's placement however; specific requests will not be guaranteed. Parents can feel confident that their children will always be in good hands and receive a quality education.

In addition to this, staff do not know where they will be, as this is not finalised until later next term.

Mr Simon Casey (Year 6B teacher) will be on sick leave for the remainder of the year as he continues to face some very serious health issues. Please keep Simon and his family in your prayers during this very difficult time.

Thank you everyone for your most wonderful support of staff and Primary events throughout the term. We can now look forward to a terrific Term 4.

Kind Regards

Antoinette De Pinto
Head of Primary


Monday 14th October

  • Pupil Free Day

Tuesday 15th October

  • Start of Term 4 for K - 6

Friday 18th October

  • Grandparents' Picnic