From the Dean of Year Twelve

WACE Timetables

The WACE Timetable is due out by the end of July. Although each student will receive their own personalised copy through the school, it will be also accessible at the following link: . There is also an extensive range of information through that link with regard to practical examinations and their requirements, special provisions, and university enrolment. Several past examination papers are available for download.

Term Three Revision

Many teachers are offering extra lunchtime or afterschool sessions here at the College to assist students with revision. There are also revision courses offered externally on a Saturday or for a single day in the October holidays. Without offering endorsement to any of the following, parents might like to investigate the following providers: (Term 3 Weekend classes located at Churchlands SHS, Perth Modern School, Rossmoyne SHS) (Held at Wesley College Oct 1-5) (Free Wace revision sessions Oct 1-5) (Term 3 weekend courses) (Term 3 intensive weekend courses held over 2 half-days)

Principal's Recommendation Early Offer Program - University of Notre Dame

Any student placing an application through the College for this Program are reminded that the last day to get your application package to Mrs Watson is MONDAY 30 July. This program is restricted to those students with a predicted ATAR above 90.

GAP Year plans

Students intending to take a gap year or a gap semester are encouraged to see the Careers Counsellor Mrs Watson for assistance with job applications. Most arranged Gap programs have already closed applications, but there may still be other opportunities available.

Sarah Hammond
Dean of Year Twelve