Sustainability Awards

Thank you and well done to all the students who took part in this year's Sustainability awards competition. The entries received were of an exceptional standard. The winners from the Primary and Secondary School are:

The Primary School prize winners and commendations are:

Year 1 - 1st Prize - Lachlan Richardson - Poster

Commendations -
Tiffany Caesar - Poster

Year 2 - 1st Prize - Alice O'Sullivan, Kirsten McCormick,
Tayla Vivian and Jasmine Holly
- Music Video and
Posters - Shaking Savers

Commendations -
James - Lego Model

Year 3- 1st Prize - Grace Barbour and Caitlin Green - Board Game

Commendations -
Ruby Vlahov - Poster
Jemeeka Leigh - Poster

Year 4- 1st Prize - Jayden Kounis, Julian O'Rourke,
Joe Piertrzak, Ciaron Wheelan- Newspaper

Commendations -
Rachel Jackson - Song
Sophie Male, Sophie Manners, Zoe Broderick - Newspaper
Noah Brown, Joey Betts, Oliver Woodland - Newspaper
Sophia Matthews, Tiala Slatter, Matilda O'Callaghan - Poster

Year 6- 1st Prize - Ciara, Jasmine, Daniel, Mia, Arabella - Diorama

Commendations -
Ethan Wee and Montego Wheeler - Video News Report

The Secondary School prize winners are:

First Prize: Holly Whitehouse - Year 8

Second Prize: Julian Poon - Year 10

Sustainability, Environment and Ecology Conference 2012

During the July holidays John XXIII College hosted the Sustainability Environment and Ecology Conference. The theme for the conference was "a fire that ENKINDLES other fires''. Delegates from all over Australia travelled to Perth to share their knowledge and build lasting networks with other Jesuit schools around Australia.

The conference was an action packed few days from July 12th - 14th 2012. We were very fortunate to attract Key note Speakers of notable calibre. The main Key Note Speaker for the three days travelled from the Philippines, Fr. Pedro Walpole SSJ. He is a hydrologist and is one of the foremost practitioners in sustainable environment and community land management in South East Asia, his reflections on 'healing our broken world' formed the core focus of our gathering.

Also speaking at the conference was, Jack De Groot, Chief Executive Officer of CARITAS Australia, spoke on the Social Justice perspective of Sustainability; Dr. Stewart Dallas, a very recognized environmental horticulturist, and Gary Baverstock, a very respected and experienced architect specializing in environmentally sustainable practices.

Thank you to everyone who played a role in the successful running of this Conference.

Photo: Conference Delegates at John XXIII College for the Sustainability Conference 2012

If can contribute some sustainable ideas or suggestions for the College please feel free to email me

Let's work together to make a noticeable improvement in the area of sustainability at John XXIII College.

Linda Kiernan
Sustainability Coordinator