Senior Netball

With round 7 now completed, there is only one more round to go until the July school holidays. Well done to all players on Saturday that braved the downpour of rain. All 1pm timeslot games were cancelled due to severe rain and a swimming pool that formed over the courts, with many girls deciding to embrace the weather and go swimming in the massive puddle of water. All teams that played the 1pm timeslot games were awarded a draw.

As most of you are aware there have been many issue with the new netball system called mynetball this has meant that we have not been able to have access to any ladders since round 3. Below are the current positions for all Junior teams (year 7/8 ladders to hopefully come soon).

Div 2 GOLD - 3rd
Div 3 DIAMOND - 5th
Div 6 SILVER - 4th
Div 7 SAPPHIRE - 2nd
Div 8 TIGER EYE - 2nd
Div 10 EMERALD - 1st
Div 10 AMETHYST - 3rd
Div 13 CRYSTAL - 2nd
Div 14 RUBY- 6th
Div 16 QUARTZ - 4th
Div 18 OPAL - 3rd
Div 19 PEARL 3rd
Div 21 JASPER - 4th

This is a fantastic start to the season with 11 of our 13 Junior teams in the top 4.

Please also be reminded that even though there is no game on the 5th of July we still have training, we will be working on specialist areas - shooters, centre court, defence.

Please contact us if you haven't already done so and are away for the music camp

Alisha Allen
Netball Coordinator