Dr Annette Pedersen - Magis & Ignatius Centre Coordinator

Space Camp USA Tour 2015 - 29 September to 15 October 2015

We have 10 places available for students from Years 9 to 11 to attend the 2015 SPACE CAMP with Dr Amanda Webb. The Program includes 5 nights at the Space Academy in Huntsville USA and 4 nights in Orlando in the Kennedy Space Centre working in a program with astronauts. There is a detailed program for the Advanced Space Academy that is designed to challenge students in the science and technology of the space program. Students study Space History, Astronaut Training and Missions with Mission Prep and training. Every student in the program has the opportunity to be the Commander or Pilot of the Space Shuttle in at least one mission, experiencing the flight simulators at Aviation Challenge.

We have a wonderful Astronomy Program at John XXlll College and this Tour gives our students a unique extension opportunity. The cost including all travel and accommodation is $7200. There are only 10 places, so expressions of interest need to be in by Thursday 2 April.

Please contact either Peter Mazur or Annette Pedersen

Robotics Club with Mr Cotter began on Thursday after school this week. All interested students should see Mr Cotter. Philosophy Club is also meeting weekly. Any secondary student is welcome to attend on Friday at lunch time. Students are invited to bring a question to discuss with their peers. Book Club met on Tuesday at lunch time and students are enjoying their new novel. They will be bringing their own questions about the text to their session next term.

On Monday night I was invited to a Graduation Ceremony at the University of Western Australia. While I was delighted to see two past students graduate, I was also pleased to see our first Magis Scholar, William Paparo, ushering on the night. William is in his second year at the university and about to take up studying Arabic in addition to his course work. I am hoping William will be back again this year to coach our Magis Debating Team before they compete in Sydney in July.


Library Opening hours have changed to accommodate the needs of our Year 12 students. We now open at 7.30am Monday to Thursday and close at 7pm on Tuesday and Thursday, except for Thursday next week. I am happy to provide humanities tuition on the evenings I am here until 7pm for our ATAR students. We will also have a Maths tutor for students as they go into their examination period.

We have many new fiction books in the Library. Students are invited to come in to browse and borrow. The Library is open for private study and reading for secondary students before school and at lunch time.