Rita de Faria - Head of Humanities and Social Sciences


ANZAC Research

To celebrate the ANZAC Centenary this year all Year 9 HASS students researched an Australian soldier who had been in World War I. Stephen Anstey, Curator of History from the WA Museum and a parent at the School, had worked on the National Anzac Centre in Albany and he gave us some insights into some of the research behind the "32 characters" that are featured in the NAC.

Despite being given only a brief time to work on the task, the Year 9 students were very pleased with their end product. They also enjoyed the technology behind embedding their research in a QR code that the other students at the College can scan with their iPad to discover more about the life of that soldier.

Be sure to download a QR app to find out more about the soldier we will feature each week!

This week' s soldier is Sergeant Thomas Trinder Rocher researched by Maddie Rocher (Great-great granddaughter) and Bella Spiro-Harrison.