Languages News

Shane Glass - Head of Languages

Languages Week

During Languages Week we acknowledge the value of the gifts and talents brought to our College community by people from different cultures, different ethnic backgrounds and speaking other languages.

The Language Team devoted special time to celebrate Languages with the staff and students in a variety of engaging events. Highlights included the students from Year 7 participated in a Tour de France; Year 8 had a Taste of Nations; Year 9 designed a Language Promotion Poster, International Cuisine and Zen Gardens; Year 10 played Traditional Games from Italy, France and Japan: and the Years 11 and 12 students shared a picnic with their teachers. In addition, the Languages Morning Tea with staff was a wonderful gesture to thank everyone for their hard work. The Daily Notices in Homeroom focused on the advantages of speaking another language and understanding another culture.

A big thank you to the Language Team of Ms Jennifer Leckey, Ms Desa Lucas, Ms Melissa Polizzi, Ms Helen Aghdasi and Ms Elena Rowson for their generous contribution, effort and energy in ensuring that Languages Week 2016 was a success.

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