Around the Primary

Dear Parents

I would like to welcome you all back to John XXIII for the start of term 3. I trust that you were able to enjoy the holidays with your children and the break from school routine. I would also like to welcome back Mrs Fry, Mrs Aghdasi and Mrs Scott who return from their long service leave. I am sure that they enjoyed their time away and have many interesting holiday stories to share. Just a reminder, Cath Philpot will be on leave for the first three weeks of this term. Liane Woodborne will be working in the office during this time. As Liane is new to this position please try and keep special requests to a minimum. This term we also welcome Claire Peirce (Special Education Teacher) and Chantelle Deluca (Year 5G Teacher) to our teaching team.

The Catholic Schools Performing Arts Festival takes place this term. The Festival is an annual event where students have the opportunity to showcase their talents in the area of the Performing Arts. The Festival began with a Mass on Thursday at St Mary's Cathedral. The Festival then begins in earnest next week. Our Primary Singers, Wanja Voices, Year 6 Band, Year 6 Drummers and our Primary Dancers will all be participating in the Festival. In addition, I would like to thank Mrs Morell, Mrs Allen, Ms Bott, Mrs Walker, Ms Jennings and Mr Johnston for all their hard work preparing the students.

Also taking place next week is the Archbishop's Religious Education Assessments for students in Years 3 and 5. This assessment takes place each year and it gives schools a guide of their effectiveness in the teaching and learning that takes place in the Religious Education

Learning Area. We wish the students in Years 3 and 5 all the very best. Furthermore, I would also like to thank their teachers for preparing their students.

Sophie Male (5B) was a winner in the Therapy Focus Art Competition. Her artwork will feature on page one of the published story book 'Jake Rides the Rollercoaster'. Sophie will receive a framed copy of her artwork and a prize pack at the official book launch function in August. Well done Sophie!

We are also very proud of Chelsea Morphett (5G) and Zoe Lam (6G) who will be performing in the musical 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang'. Congratulations girls!

Today the whole primary school celebrated Mass with Fr Andrew from St Cecilia's, Floreat. Special thanks to Mr Edwards, Mrs Allen and all of the students from Year 4B for preparing our beautiful liturgy. We hope many parents will be able to come along to our Masses and Assemblies during the term. Please check our updated Term 3 calendar for details.

Kind regards

Antoinette De Pinto
Head of Primary


Monday 29th July Year 3 and 5 Bishop's Religious Literacy Assessment - 9.00am
Tuesday 30th July

Cross Country Training - 7.30am

Dance Rehearsal - 8.00am

Wednesday 31st July

Feast of St Ignatius Prayer Assembly - 9am

Drumming Rehearsal - 8.00am

Thursday 1st August Cross Country Training - 7.30am
Friday 2nd August

Dance Rehearsal (PCEC) - 8.30am

Dance Performance (PCEC) - 6.30pm