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Dear Parents

Children's Book Week throws the spotlight each year on 'reading' and on the importance and joy of being able to read.

In the Primary school we have the privilege of supporting children in the early years to discover how letters carry meaning and when formed together in certain combinations create sounds and words.

One of our favourite roles as educators is to read class books and together with your children to hover over words of interest and pictures that capture our imagination. It is such a special experience to hold a group of children in suspense or on the edge of their seats and to talk about characters and how they often point us to a new idea or a feeling. We encourage the children to imagine and to create pictures in their heads.

Of course as a parent, you are in the unique position to do all of the above and include some 'snuggle time' too. There is nothing quite so special as relaxing on a lounge with a beautiful book and a child.

Our challenge as educators and parents is to make every week a book week and by example, give the wonderful gift of reading for pleasure to your children. Happy reading!

Next Friday 2 September look forward to seeing many Dads and their children at the Father's Day Mass at 7:30am in the Chapel. Father's Day Mass Invitation Link

Kind regards

Antoinette De Pinto
Head of Primary

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