Year Seven Language Selection for 2014

All students studying a language in Year Seven will be given the opportunity to select one language that they wish to continue with in Year Eight 2014. The Year Sevens will be bringing home the attached form to complete and return with a parent signature as soon as possible to their Homeroom Teacher. Please take some time to read the form and support the Year Sevens to make the wisest decision.

Congratulations on Distinctions in the WAATI Italian Examination

Congratulations to the following students on their outstanding success in the Western Australian Association of Teachers of Italian (WAATI) Examination:

Stephanie Liddlelow - High Distinction

Aaron Norrish - High Distinction

Michele Gopfert Espinosa - Distinction

Yasmin Sinclair - Distinction

Madison Liddlelow - Distinction

Isabella Lyons - Distinction

Alessio Magaraggia - Distinction

Antonio Magaraggia - Distinction

David Rankin - Distinction

Roberto Rossi - Distinction

Emma Thwaites - Distinction

Gina Tripolone - Distinction

Achievement at this level demands dedication, skill and motivation. Well Done!

Success in the Alliance Française Examinations

Sandra Iacopetta - Tres Bien

Stephanie Smallberger - Tres Bien

Talitha Golding - Assez Bien

Teresa Croft - Assez Bien

Well done for your high achievement in the Alliance Française Examinations.

Congratulations on Outstanding Achievement in the ALC Examinations in Year Nine

Congratulations to the following students on their outstanding achievement in the Assessment of Language Competence (ALC) Examinations held in Year Nine.

The French Team

Oliver Butler - Distinction

Bella Cowie - High Distinction

Marie Hauck - High Distinction

Lauren Jones - Distinction

Leah Kuuse - High Distinction

Mahala Longley - High Distinction

Daniela Mwipatayi - Distinction

Anne O'Halloran - Distinction

Rebecca Power - Distinction

Aoife Roberts - Distinction

The Japanese Team

Maddison Allerding - Distinction

Mairead Chapman - Distinction

Evelyn Collier - Distinction

Lauren Corless - Distinction

Breandan Kirwan - High Distinction

Conor Levy - Distinction

Thomas Liu - Distinction

John McCarthy - Distinction

Joshua McEvoy - Distinction

Mairead O'Connor - Distinction

Luke Robinson - Distinction

Constance Reynolds - Distinction

Alisha Rodrigo - Distinction

Hayley Ryan - High Distinction

Oscar Smith - Distinction

Phoebe Snedker - Distinction

Beatrice Tay - Distinction

The Italian Team

Carlotta Carotenuto - High Distinction

Caitlin Hackett - High Distinction

Lexi Hahn - High Distinction

Olivia Lomma - High Distinction

Xanthe Muir - High Distinction

Allison Than-Thay - High Distinction

Holly Whitehouse - Distinction

Kiara Vivian - Distinction

Ellie Sinclair - Distinction

Kate Psaila-Savona - Distinction

Serena Percudani - Distinction

Nikki Oliver - Distinction

Quinn McAdam - Distinction

Peta Kennare - Distinction

Guneet Kaur - Distinction

Therese Guerrera - Distinction

Isabella Gegoff - Distinction

Christopher Capretta - Distinction

John Buchanan - Distinction

Congratulations on these excellent results to students in French, Italian and Japanese. Well done to all teachers, Team, Mr Robin Teese, Ms Helen Aghdasi and Ms Melissa Polizzi for facilitating and directing our language students to success in the ALC Examiantions.

Shane Glass
Head of Learning Area - Languages