Integrated Science

Dr Amanda Webb - Science Teacher

Year 11 and 12 Integrated Science students attended a whole day excursion at the Naturaliste marine Discovery Centre at Hillarys Boat Harbour, as part of their Marine Biology Unit.

The students were involved in three main acivities:
• The Science of Sampling: students both learnt and had the opportunity to carry out a range of different sampling methods to collect and analyse data. They shook matts to dislodge "baby rock lobster" weighed and measured abalone and examined video footage from an underwater camera. Students also looked at the otoliths (or earbones) of fish and counted the rings to determine how old the fish were - it was a litttle like counting the growth rings on trees. Students also analysed data and learnt about why scieintists need to study such data, and how predictions can be made, and why we need regulations to maintain the health of our fisheries.
• Fishy Features: was an activity where students will learnt about a number of different adaptations that help a fish to survive in the watery world. Students examined a number of fish, and had worksheets to complete to assist them in their studeis.
• Bringing the Beach to You: involved the students working in groups to classify organisms commonly found washed up on our local beaches.